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About Grocery Market Kids Cash Register - Games for Kids

Be a cashier in your very own grocery store. Simulation money management game that improves math skills, cash handling and calculation in children. A cashier game with cash register which teaches how to operate the cash register in a store and serve the customers in time. Your dream of becoming Store Manager & Cash Register will finally come to life!

- Play as a cashier in your very own grocery store
- Grocery store with a realistic supermarket cash register
- Practice addition and subtraction as well as money handling skills
- Offers a wide variety of food and grocery products
- Fun and Educational cashier games for young boys, girls and kids

Shop for Pens, Office Supplies, Art & Craft Supplies. Get some practice on all the cash register types of jobs. Shop for Household Products like detergents. Learn how to handle money at your shopping mall. Grocery Cash Register is a time management cashier game where customers are in queue, will pay money and get their work done. Help the cashier to make enough cash, and get to the next aisle!

Be the cashier of your own grocery store and keep the record of the sales. The more you play the game gets faster and more complex. These cashier games are the best way to get some practice on all the cash register types of jobs, get in the supermarket and become the best cashier! Do you have the best time management skills?

Play Fun Mini Games to earn coins, and then spend wisely in your shopping mall. Manage stocks in the grocery market. Some shops have some of the stocks emptied. Help them manage the stocks, buy new ones and store them.

Its a very good game . But it sometimes stop and not works.
Ranjeet Singh
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Adnan khan
I love this game because this game can be played by boys and girls my brother also like this game very much thanks for finding like this game. Thank you so much for your help with this game
Mohd Shamil