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About Helen Doron Read

With this easy to use app, learning to read in English is an enjoyable experience. Developed by linguistic experts, children learn to read in their own time and at their own pace.

With Read, children can:
• Hear the word spoken correctly.
• See the correct spelling.
• Practise saying the letter, word and sentence.
• Record the story and play it back.

With 8 levels and 32 books, children can progress at their own pace, starting from simple words, moving on to full sentences, and finally, reading a full story.

The first three books on every shelf are read-to-me stories. The stories are read aloud while the child follows along. The fourth book allows the child to practise reading, using the vocabulary from the stories just read. The record feature allows the child to record him or herself reading the story and play it back.

Suitable for ages 4-9, Read enables children to learn to read by themselves. It's easy. It's fun. It works!

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Ovo je odlicna igra za svakoga uclanite se u helen doron read and write kurs engleskog.
Fantastic APP!!
Hollie Exler
This is really helpful.
Jayce Maquiling