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About Alphabet for Kids ABC

PH Kids has developed a marvelous application for kindergarten kids. The kids preschool application will teach the basic education that every child needs. The kindergarten kid learning application is a basic need that will help the child to learn and grow. Alphabet for kids contains colorful illustrations and clear pronunciation of every word.

Kids can learn easily through this preschool application because nowadays kids are always around mobile, tabs, and computers. Parents can get them involved with this kid learning application. The spare time can be spent learning and having fun. The kids preschool learning application contains knowledge on different topics. Alphabets, numbers, animals, fruits, etc etc.
Kids can revise as much as they want through these offline kids learning applications.


There are a total of 14 categories in this kindergarten kid learning application. The sections contain important words regarding those topics. The sections are mentioned below :


Alphabets are the most crucial knowledge a child should have for learning English, English words, and making sentences. Every alphabet is colorful and drawn with funny illustrations.


Numbers are the most important thing a kid should learn while studying in kindergarten. Only numbers can make their base of mathematics from a very little age.


Children are very smart in kindergarten. They learn to differentiate between shapes and sizes. Teaching them the correct names of shapes is very important.


Children love to draw and color. Color identification with a name is something that every child must learn otherwise they won't be able to follow instructions to color a picture.


The calendar section teaches the months in a year with spelling and pronunciation.


The days of the weeks are very basic knowledge to learn and remember.


The application includes body parts as a section where kids can learn most of the basic body parts with pictures and how they are pronounced.


The animal section contains pictures and spellings of different animals. Pictures can help children to illustrate an image of that particular animal in their minds.


Vehicles are also important to learn because kids see these on the roads every day but learning the names with pictures can give them the ability to differentiate among them.


Fruits are important in the food habits of our children. Let them learn every common fruit with pictures and taste them at home.


Another basic topic is nice to know the mind. Enjoying nature by bird watching can be an enjoyable task for the child.


Vegetables are nutritious and should be eaten every day by every child. Children should know the names that are going to boost their health.


Most of the children are interested in space, planets, the solar system, etc. The solar system section includes names of our planets with pictures and proper pronunciation.


Flowers are a very beautiful attraction of nature and kids should learn the names of common flowers which they can grow in the backyard.

Going to kindergarten school isn't always enough for every child. They need a proper revision and extra information or lessons other than the school books. The kids learning application can present them with a wide opportunity of basic information that as a child they need. Online lessons and listening to the same word again and again will enhance the chances of remembering every word they have learned.

Alphabet for kids is a basic need for every growing and learning child. The education is really simple and basic here. The application is offline therefore no need to worry about the lack of mobile data.

For any kind of query, suggestion or complaint kindly contact the developer.

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