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About Horns and Sirens Ringtones

🚨 There are 45 free horn or siren ringtones that are loud and clear.

📢 Simply press each button to listen and preview the loud and clear horn or siren ringtone. If you like it, press and hold the button. Then select either notification, ringtone, alarm, or contact.

🚨 Download now and you can set a horn or siren sound for each of your contacts so you will know who is calling without even looking!

📢 These free high volume horn and siren songs are perfect for notifications, ringtones or alarms.

🚨 This application can be used with most phones or tablets. This easy and free application allows you to make your phone or tablet very unique.

📢 Best of all this application is free!

According to our many users the best horns and sirens sounds are:
🚨 Hat
🚨 Car
🚨 Police
🚨 Danger
🚨 Warning
🚨 Charge

📢 You are not limited to the notifications, alarms and ringtones that come with your device. Use this application to make your device your own.

So much fun and lots of cools sounds.
Derick Cuthbert
Nu యస్
Suresh Kumar
Mahmoud Attia