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About Jolly Battle

This is not a fight to the death, but a fight for the tastiest pie! It's a challenge for those hardened in battles with lollipops and candies. A favourite board game of many a parent is now available in a completely new version for children. Don’t panic under fire, as many sweets and delicious cakes await instead of a navy fleet, caramel instead of cannonballs.

Develop your own strategy and don’t give your opponents a shot at livin’ the dolce vita! Gather a team of friends, and get an unforgettable battle of cakes underway! For the very bravest player, battles against AI players are available, with different levels of difficulty (you can always call your mom or dad for help!).

Game Features
😃 Sweet setting
😻 Lovable animated characters
👑 Exciting battle
🏆 Plenty of achievements

Game Rules
Jolly Battle is played using the rules of the classic board game. The players do battle with a fleet of funny animated cakes. Firepower is brought to bear through caramel bombs, which zero in on the cakes that the players take aim at. Players take turns to attack. So choose where to place your fighting cakes and try to ‘chow down’ on the enemy fleet faster than the enemy can devour yours!

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My friends and I love playing this game, we're totally hooked to it. Jolly Battle has become our number one option when it comes to pass the time. I especially love the cute characters. Thumbs up!
Paul Snow
This game features some cute characters, it's colorful, fun and challenging. I agree with the reviewer that describes it as a non violent version of battleship. Everyone looking for a nice way to kill some t...
Robert Williams
My current favourite game, my kids love it as I do 👍🏻
Karmel Douin