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About Artefactis: Magik Puzzles

•Discover a new gameplay in a fun and addictive strategy game.

•This new genre is a mix of chess, match3 and a non-square grid: the result is a "match group".

•Strategy and reflection are at the heart of the gameplay, you can move the pieces as you see fit. Finished the limitations of match3 that require you to play only at certain places.

•Take the match group challenge!
•Play with your friends, compare your scores and your progress.
•Will you be able to overcome the missions of the Mages Guild?
•Discover the 11 powerful spells of the mages, who will help you to complete your missions.
•Explore a world where magic reigns, in beautiful Fantasy sets.

•Get rewards as you progress and challenges are completed, daily gifts.

•Already 27 episodes, more than 1000 levels. And others will follow regularly.

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Artefactis: Magik Puzzles

Artefactis: Magik Puzzles


•Discover a new gameplay in a fun and addictive strategy game.•This new...




Tap on pieces of the same color to collect them, and create...

Fun game but can be very difficult.
Shari Bigger
Very interesting game with beautiful graphics. Takes time to get used to gameplay, however, a return to tutorial allows further progression. Very enjoyable, challenging game.
Pat Davis
Fun but hard.
Randy INCE
Love this game but the prices suck
Staci Young
Great game. Challenging but not too much to make you give up
Ben Dover