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About Metronomics Metronome

A metronome for real musicians.

A new kind of metronome -- use Metronomics to generate random patterns, sequenced grooves, or a combination of both to help you practice with more than just your typical click track. Enough features to keep a professional busy for years or start a beginner on the right track.

The only metronome that gives you complete control over how subdivisions are played -- add up to 10 subdivisions of any type (including custom subdivisions like 5/7) and have them played all the time, at random intervals, or in a sequenced pattern.

- Choose from 40 different samples for each subdivision, mastered for volume
- Generate patterns using random or sequenced variations of different subdivisions
- Include preset patterns such as claves or ride cymbal patterns
- Choose any number of beats per measure you like or practice mixed meters such as 4 + 3 + 5 where the segments of the bar get accented automatically
- Use any type of subdivision. Common types like quarter notes, sixteenth notes, eighth triplets, etc, or create your own. 5/7, 23/4, no problem!
- Take a rhythm and use the "offset" feature to move it to different parts of the measure to practice with.
- Email saved metronomes back and forth with other Metronomics users
- Track your metronome usage.
- Train yourself with "independence" mode where you can set some bars to be inaudible -- keep the time going yourself until the click starts again
- Variable swing feel -- choose how much each subdivision swings
- Play in the background
- Normalized sounds for good volume
- Web-based manual describing how to use all the features and hints about how they might be useful

Hello , Grate app, can I move the application from my samsung phone to mackbook pro?
Teodor Amarandei
Larry Hays
unbelievably customizable, intuitive, and useful.
Kyle Alvin Shipp