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About Dog & Cat Breed ID, Ancestry, Quiz Game

Once upon a time, a child asked her father, "Why do some people hate animals so much
and want to hurt them?"

The father wondered if there was something he could do to help everyone better understand the cats and dogs around us so that we will love and cherish them.

He asked a few friends for help.

"We should help people learn what is the breed ancestry of their cat or dog," said one friend.

"Let's help everyone find out more about potential health problems that their cat or dog might develop," said another.

"We'll help everyone understand their pets and connect with other pet lovers," said a third.

The friends worked hard and found a few thousand other friends to help them test and develop an app. And was born.

🔬Ever wondered what breed is my dog? Or what kind of cat do I have?
🔬Did you know that the breed ancestry of your dog or cat can be associated with hereditary health risks that can affect many pets?
🔬What.Pet is the only dog and cat app with all of these features: virtual DNA, customized genetic health risks, smart document repository, social network with AI-matched neighbors, and daily quiz games!

👉Get the app now and discover the breed ancestry of your pet companion with our uniquely personalized breed and health reports for your dog or cat!
✔️Easily upload photos of your cat 🐈 or dog 🐕 and our advanced AI engine will do the rest.
✔️See extensive history and origin information for hundreds of dog 🐕 and cat 🐈 breeds.
✔️Learn about crucial health risks for your pet based on breed predispositions.
✔️Conveniently store and retrieve important document(s) such as vaccine records, health insurance cards and more!
✔️Meet other dogs and cats just like yours with our advanced matching algorithms!
✔️Post something funny or cool, ask a question, follow other pets with our new feeds!
✔️Guess what breed that pet is with our daily quiz game featuring real pets from other users!

Download now and get a free virtual ancestry report and everything you need to discover your pet today!

FREE features:
✔️Extensive A.I. cat 🐈 and dog 🐕 breed identifiers for hundreds of breeds, including purebreds and mixed breeds;
✔️Library of dog 🐕 and cat 🐈 breed information for most breeds;
✔️Personalized hereditary health risk information analyzer(if applicable) specially calculated by our A.I for your pet;
✔️PDF document archive to store an important record for your dog 🐕 or cat 🐈.
✔️Neighbors to meet dogs 🐕 or cats 🐈 just like yours!
✔️Daily quiz game with real pets from other users!

PREMIUM features:
✔️Even more personalized health risk information(if applicable) tailored to your pet;
✔️Unlimited PDF creator and archive for your pet's records such as health insurance card and vaccination records;
✔️Extended neighbor pets to meet even more pets just like yours! Who knows, they may even be related!
✔️Extra quiz game entries to quickly scale our leaderboard!

Please read this before downloading!
- Any info we provide is strictly for general informational purposes only and not meant as medical advice. Always consult your vet with any questions!
- Our results might be similar to what you would see on a DNA test for your pets; but these aren't true genetic tests and shouldn't be used as such.
-Puppy/Kitten owners: breed determination is based on being able to detect the physical characteristics that define a particular breed. In young pets, these characteristic are often not fully developed. Our AI will do its best, but please do not expect an accurate result.

🐾What.Pet was handcrafted with love for pet-lovers (like you!) by pet-lovers in Miami (USA), Chicago (USA), Teresina (Brazil), and Alexandria (Egypt). Thank you/Obrigada/Shukran for downloading and using our cat and dog app!🐾

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foxy201 productions
Perfect analysis 👌
Kris Milam
Good app
Laxmi Gururani
This is the 3rd app I tried and the only one that gave the correct answer.
Laura ozer
This app is awesome I scanned my giant dog that we previously had no idea what he was and it said he was a pit bull terrier so I found a pic and it was an exact replica
Kids Wood
NEEDS FORGOT PASSWORD LINK, then I will give it 5 stars
Abby Brown