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About Jiyyo Lyfe - Consult Doctor Online

Jiyyo Lyfe – An Online Doctor Consultation Application.

With Jiyyo Lyfe you can easily chat with a doctor through a video call via your mobile phones or tablet, at a time and place convenient to you. Jiyyo Lyfe provides you with the ability to consult with a doctor online who is certified, fully qualified, and experienced from top hospitals in India.

We started off as an Indian healthcare provider with great visions for the future of healthcare in rural and urban India. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing digital health platforms who aims to help patients across India to be at their best every day.

You may have a mild headache, flu or just want to ask a doctor about your medical condition , our app gives you direct access to a pool of trained physicians from anywhere and at any time.

We are committed to delivering the best, affordable, and highest possible quality medical service, irrespective of who you are or where you live. If you need any medical treatment or just feel concerned about your own health or your family’s health - we are here for you.

Book an online appointment with a doctor at your fingertips. Some of the key takeaways include :

Consult Doctors Online 24x7 (Video/Chat/Call)
Find Doctor by symptoms, specialty, region, city, and Book Appointments Online
Add Your Family Doctor(s) to your account and consult online when needed
Browse 1000+ Doctors from 10+ Cities
Get signed e-Prescriptions
Manage and exchange Medical Reports, documents with the Doctor securely
All Data Stored is Encrypted and 100% Secure
Connect with your doctor and share reports via app
Collect e-prescriptions from your doctor
Consult specialists online

We provide a platform for affordable and effective online medical consultations across India. The ultimate benefit of online doctor consultation is the convenience to patients. The doctor will connect with you instantly through a video call.

Get started with these easy steps;
Search doctors by specialties or symptoms.
Select your doctor for online consultation.
Sign up with your mobile number and login
Chat with a doctor via message or video call.

We want you to live your life. In the Hindi language, the word for live life is Jiyyo. That is why we are Jiyyo. Your healthcare companion.

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Please email us at [email protected] for any inquiries, support, or suggestions. We are here to serve you 24x7.

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very good
sachin rewa
Amresh Shrivastava
Good application
sunil kishore
santosh dwivedi
This is nice but doctor fee is very high
Raju Kumar
Very good app
himmat singh