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About Jeeb

Empty fridge and absolutely no patience to order? Right here!

We’re Jeeb! - a groceries solution to all!

Jeeb was founded in 2022, with the sole purpose of filling an extensive gap in the world of online groceries.

What makes us different?


Jeeb specializes in groceries, and only groceries. What this translates into is that we are solely and actively continuing to grow and develop a daily essential needs market. We study, research and discover newer ways by the day, in order to help YOU get your raw materials to make those meals at home, whether it is a pizza, biryani, or even a feisty BBQ with the family.


Besides the specialization, we’ve got an upper hand when it comes to the technology. Our vendor free front end is the epitome of stress and hassle free shipping, with no confusion for clients on where their soda or carton of milk comes from.


Additionally, our 2-Step feature allows you, as a consumer to collectively shop for your home on a single screen, with as little effort as possible. Not only does this improve the average user experience, but it makes grocery shopping more fun and gives it the insignificance it deserves when it comes to time consumption!

Heaps of products!

Since it’s our thing, we as Jeeb aim to provide the average user with all their grocery needs, and even more. With a near 10,000 products upon launch, and at an impressively elevated ledge, we thrive to keep growing our product and category portfolio all the way from meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, to organic and vegan categories


Yes. We are heavy duty. What this means is, we are able to suffice large orders. Today’s market in the Middle East has normalized customer restrictions when it comes to a grocery order, due to limited logistical capacity, forcing the average client to commit to partial grocery shopping which led to a decrease in the acceptance of the idea of online grocery shopping. This has also catalyzed the growing incertitude for the average grocery. With jeeb, worry no more, we receive, prepare and fulfill our orders with all consideration, especially capacity and order size. We’ll take your monthly grocery list!

Frozen friendly

Say bye to melted ice cream! Besides help prevent a potential back injury when buying your pet’s ridiculously heavy food, we are frozen friendly! All our frozen items have the adequate necessities to keep them in the same condition they’re in any store around town; chilly and solid.

Time-slot delivery

We currently operate via time slot delivery. After picking your goods and finishing of that list, you’ll be able to pick your delivery times assorted into time slots. We promise to delivery either on or before the time slot ends. This helps average consumers plan, and stabilize their grocery purchases - just like the concept of visiting any store.

An average user spends 9 months of their lifetime grocery shopping, cut down those numbers with Jeeb.

In the near future, Jeeb aims to expand all over the Middle East. You can currently find us in Qatar, our launching HQ.

Buying your daily needs no longer feels like a chore, so what are you waiting for?

Groceries, groceries and groceries!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

When was Jeeb founded?

Jeeb was founded in 2022.

What does Jeeb specialize in?

Jeeb specializes in groceries.

What is the advantage of Jeeb's vendor-free front end?

Jeeb's vendor-free front end provides hassle-free shipping with no confusion about the source of the products.

How does Jeeb's 2-Step feature benefit the consumers?

Jeeb's 2-Step feature allows consumers to shop for their home on a single screen with minimal effort, improving the user experience.

How many products does Jeeb offer?

Jeeb offers nearly 10,000 products upon launch.

Can Jeeb handle large orders?

Yes, Jeeb can handle large orders and accepts monthly grocery lists.

Is Jeeb frozen-friendly?

Yes, Jeeb ensures that frozen items are kept in the same condition as in any store, with the necessary requirements to maintain their quality.

How does Jeeb's time-slot delivery work?

Jeeb operates through time-slot delivery, allowing customers to choose their preferred delivery times within specific time slots.

Where can Jeeb currently be found?

Jeeb is currently available in Qatar, serving as its launching HQ.

What are Jeeb's expansion plans?

Jeeb aims to expand all over the Middle East in the near future.