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About Safe Headphones - Hear Background Noises

Note: Audio Recording Permission is required to Capture Background Noises.

Note: Using this as a spy app to listen to other's conversations may cause you legal trouble. This app is designed only to be used for safety purposes only.

This app will turn your Headphones into Noise Un-Cancelling Headphones which will allow you to hear background noises and Car Horns while listening to Music. Now you can use your headphones in public places without worrying about safety. This app can also be used as a hearing aid if anyone with hearing loss

This app works like Quick Ambient Mode in Galaxy Buds where you can briefly hear your surroundings without turning the music off completely.

This app also improves your hearing ability to hear audible sounds more clear and loud directly into your ears. All you have to do is to plug headphones to your device and switch on the button. You can put the device closer to the person or audio source you want to listen louder while putting headphones in your ear.

You can listen to whatever you want to listen to using this app. Even if you want to hear something from a relatively large distance like from another room you can use Bluetooth headphones or earpiece and place the device safely near the place of conversation or audio source. This app can turn your device into a powerful listening device and turn your normal ear into a miracle ear anyone wants to have.

You can use this app in a number of ways. You can listen to lectures better from back seats. You can listen to TV programs better from a distance. All this app is going to do for you is to collect the sound from the device's microphone and then pass it to the headphones after the sound amplifier in the app amplifies the sound collected from the microphone.

Key Features:

* Improves your hearing by amplifying sound from surrounding

* Can hear audible sounds loud and clear

* Can control the volume of sounds and voices with the volume control at the bottom

* Can also control the volume of playing sound with the device's volume control buttons

* Beautiful UI based on Google's Material Design UI

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amazing app
Levan Kotia
I can hear outside sounds while listening music through headphones. Works as expected.
Oleg F
The. Best must have for all phones
Raymond FLORES