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About The Last Of Us part 2 Guide n tips

You may find yourself overwhelmed when you get past the Prologue dalam game the last of us part II, as there the last of us part II will be many buildings to explore, weapon upgrades and skills to unlock. However, don't worry as here are a few tips that will make your journey a lot less daunting one.

Explore your surroundings at game the last of us!
As you continue adventuring through the different areas that Last of Us: Part II has to offer, make sure to explore every building you see. This will help you in a variety of ways, such as finding Ammo/Healing Items which come in handy during those battles against the undead. You'll also find Supplements which you can use to give Ellie new skills and toys to play with in the battlefield. Finally, you'll collect a lot of scrap on your adventure, this can be used to upgrade your weapons giving them the ability to hold extra ammo or improve their overall performance.

Also, make sure to open every Safe you come across, as these give you Combat Manuals to unlock more Skills and new Weapons which are better for stronger enemies.

Take the Stealth Approach
Whenever you face a group of enemies or a single enemy you'll always want to take the Stealth approach, as this will save your ammo/healing which is needed for the more difficult encounters later on. This can be done by crafting Silencers for your weapons or using bottles and bricks to district the enemy, allowing you to go in for the Stealth kill.

Regularly Save
Make sure to regularly save your game when exploring, as you may accidentally go through a door which progresses the story. Unfortunately if this happens you will not be able to go back and check out any remaining rooms.

Read all Artefacts
As you get further into the game you'll find Artefacts laying around. Make sure to read these, as they will give you back story on people's lives and give you clues on where to find the Safe Combinations.

Don't waste Supplements!
Make sure you don't waste your supplements straight away, as you'll unlock more skill options further in the game which give you more beneficial items needed for harder opponents.

Don't let materials go to waste
If you find a material that you're full on when exploring, make sure to use it up and collect it. As you may not find it again for a long while.


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