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About Infinite Pads

Infinite Pads is a live performance tool designed to add a lush pad layer to your sound. With a variety of patches to choose from, rendered in high-quality audio in all 12 keys, Infinite Pads is perfect for providing solo accompaniment, enhancing an atmosphere, or adding an extra layer of sound to your mix.


- Five bundled patches, with sounds ranging from subtle and atmospheric to harsh and relentless.

- Each sound contains only the root note and the fifth interval, so it fits in to any key, major or minor.

- Lowpass filter with cutoff frequency control

- High-quality audio: All sounds were rendered as pure .wav files, then converted to 160kbps .ogg files, so you can be confident your sound packs its full sonic punch.

- Sounds fade seamlessly when changing keys, switching patches or stopping audio.

- No ads.

- Premium feature: Adjust crossfade time and highpass filter cutoff frequency in the Sound Editor.

- Premium feature: Download the Factory Expansion 1 soundbank to add 10 new patches to your repertoire.

All purchases are handled by Google through Google Play.

Excellent app....its very useful on both minor and major modes.
Larry Musonda
This only word is my review. Everything is in it... "EMOTION"
Akash Jaison
Finally! I've been waiting literally for years for this very thing! This app easily stands up in comparison to AutoPad (IOS). WAY underrated, I don't understand why.No glitches. Super seamless crossfades. Si...
Jerrod Tune