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About Useless

This app has absolutely no use. Test it and you'll see that it's totally useless. Tens of scientists of worldwide reputation tried to find it a use, but all their attempts ended in failures so far.

So don't expect anything particular. All its features (none, in fact) are already mentioned in the description. This is the first multi-unfunctional application in the world. Just assume that for anything that any other app does... this app doesn't do it.

The first application really making what it promises: uselessness.

Guys go see the people who rated it one star they mostly complain about the app being useless and have only words­čść. They say they hated it because they thought this will be a game like bruh
Yep Xjang yang
Love it.
If you are here from TLGE2 the answer is pointlessly
BigNibba 69