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About Kingpin Underworld

Want to become the most powerful Mafia Boss and crush your enemies like candies?

When you come back to your home city you find it has become a battleground where one criminal empire wages gang wars against another, your family business occupied by thugs that killed your godfather, and streets flooded with drugs.
You must take back what's rightfully yours! Restore your family, take control of the Underworld and become a big-time mafia boss in this crime city.

Game Features:

Online PvP Shooter
Raid rival turfs and steal stuff while shooting everything that opposes you in the action RPG gameplay. Throw grenades, use special skills, blow up cars, and everything else on your path. Attack together with your clanmates or help them to defend their turfs in online PvP shooting games.

Lots of Gangsters and Weapons to Choose From
Hire a crew of the toughest thugs from all over the world. Gangstar, Mafia, Triad, Cartel, Mobsters, and other crime families - choose the strongest fighters to build your squad. Build an arsenal of weapons: sniper rifles, machine guns, handguns, melee weapons. Choose whatever you prefer - you're the MAFIA BOSS.

Build your Crime City
Push back from your turf the street scum and drug dealers. Take over the whole city, district by district, one mafia boss after another, and establish your criminal empire. Control businesses, build casinos, Vegas hotels, and clubs to cover up your underworld empire. Your godfather would be proud of you.

Tons of Epic Events
Compete with other players that love mafia games, PVP, shooting, or action RPG. Plan strategy with your clanmates and win in gang wars. Be the first to kill a rival mafia boss or the one with the most organized and developed crime city.

Choose between life and death
Play campaign mode with hundreds of shooting levels and reveal who killed your godfather. Decide who to trust, what to do with traitors, and how to treat your supporters.

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