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About Cube Blast: Match

Blast your way through increasingly complex 3d match by color puzzles in this free casual puzzle game. Download and install Cube Blast: Match now!

Cube Blast:Match is a casual 3d match-by-colors puzzle game, focusing on spatial awareness and planning ahead. A diverse range of puzzle mechanics will keep you on your toes – can you take advantage of the new puzzle mechanics introduced almost every level? With a vibrant, snappy aesthetic strengthening the satisfactory feeling of puzzle solving, and the cute aliens guiding you through their world Cube Blast: Match shall definitely engage the casual puzzle loving crowd, as well as the hardcore puzzle solvers.


- Challenge your mind - Innovating 3D puzzle mechanics
- Push your spatial thinking abilities to their limits - increasingly complex 3D puzzles
- Easy to pick-up intuitive controls
- A plethora of levels, with a different mechanical twist on them
- Snappy aesthetics and audio
- Featuring aliens, and explosions

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I like the game!
Juanita Hines
Addictive game
Joli Goede
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