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Ismokay is here to help you quit smoking.
Our purpose is to be side by side with you whatever your moment of life, whether while you still want to consume for some time, reduce gradually or stop at once.
We are not here to show you how many cigarettes you didn’t smoke, how much money you have saved, how many minutes of life you have earned. Our purpose is your transformation as a human being, living well with yourself, happy for your new attitudes and free for an even better life.

We offer multiple journeys and Behavioral Changes that when applied together, present a huge potential to transform the lives of those who apply them. Learn more and see which one suits you best.

CONSCIOUS SMOKING: This journey is made for those who like to smoke, know that it’s necessary to reduce it, but is not ready yet to quit or wants to continue consuming for some time. Here you’ll create your weekly consumption table with the reduction table you want. Then you just follow the plan and over time, make adjustments based on your evolution.

SCHEDULED REDUCTION: This is an intermediate journey, in which you define what level your consumption starts and, each week at your own pace, you may reduce your consumption table the way you want. As the days and weeks goes by and based on your performance, you will have reached zero consumption and then go straight to the next journey.

QUIT SMOKING: This journey is for those who wants to quit smoking or will quit now, right after downloading Ismokay. It’s an important journey to avoid relapses, presenting motivational content and keeping up with you in order to strengthen you even more.
Feel free to choose the journey that best fits your moment of life. You may change your journey at any time, at your own pace, without pressure and being always in control of the the situation.

In addition to the multiple journeys, our methodology involves the concept of BEHAVIORAL CHANGES, scientifically proven in several studies related in our website, with exclusive contents about meditation, exercise practice, stretching, nourishment, well-being, knowledge and praying. All prepared by our curators with experience in each proposed theme.

We have a dedicated team behind the App producing new contents continuously to motivate you for a better quality of life, free from cigarette cravings and even with more disposal. After starting your journey your life will be much better. The exclusive Behavioral Changes content, when applied, have a transformative potential for anyone's life.
Each week your performance will be evaluated and you will have your results compared to the other users of the Ismokay community. You'll evaluate the progress of your journey, and the more you advance in Behavioral Changes and indicators, the more you’ll be ready to quit smoking. Your performance during the application of our methodology will be used, in a grouped and anonymous way, to generate scientific studies on smoking habits, helping the entire scientific community. All this to further improve our methodology and our purpose in pursuit of more health.

The time is now! The challenge is what moves us forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ismokay?

Ismokay is a platform designed to help people quit smoking and transform their lives for the better.

What are the journeys offered by Ismokay?

Ismokay offers three journeys: Conscious Smoking, Scheduled Reduction, and Quit Smoking. Each journey is tailored to different needs and preferences.

What is the Conscious Smoking journey?

The Conscious Smoking journey is for those who want to gradually reduce their smoking but are not ready to quit or want to continue consuming for some time. It involves creating a weekly consumption table and making adjustments based on personal evolution.

What is the Scheduled Reduction journey?

The Scheduled Reduction journey is an intermediate option where individuals define their starting level of smoking and gradually reduce their consumption at their own pace. The goal is to reach zero consumption and then move on to the next journey.

What is the Quit Smoking journey?

The Quit Smoking journey is for those who are ready to quit smoking or want to quit immediately after downloading Ismokay. It provides motivational content and support to prevent relapses and ensure a successful quitting process.

What are the Behavioral Changes offered by Ismokay?

Ismokay incorporates the concept of Behavioral Changes, which includes meditation, exercise, stretching, nutrition, well-being, knowledge, and prayer. These changes are scientifically proven to enhance the quitting experience and improve overall quality of life.

How is progress evaluated in Ismokay?

The user's performance is evaluated weekly and compared to other users in the Ismokay community. This evaluation helps track progress in Behavioral Changes and readiness to quit smoking, while also contributing to scientific studies on smoking habits.

What is the purpose of Ismokay's methodology?

Ismokay's methodology aims to help individuals transform their lives, achieve better health, and contribute to scientific research on smoking habits. It provides continuous motivation and support throughout the quitting process.

Can I switch journeys during my time with Ismokay?

Yes, you are free to change your journey at any time, at your own pace, without feeling pressured. Ismokay allows you to have control over your quitting process.

Where can I learn more about Ismokay?

You can learn more about Ismokay and its journeys and Behavioral Changes on our website at