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About iOWNX

iOWNX: Blockchain based Crowdfunding and Investment Platform & Wallet

Are you looking to invest in promising projects or have a great idea to bring to life or planning to expand your business but lack funding?

Many people eventually experience the same problems when they decide to invest or when they look for investors. Lack of resources to invest, not enough funds to start a business, high commissions, complicated platforms, hidden costs and extra fees… iOWNX realizes these challenges and offers a modern solution to revolutionize the investment ecosystem.

This application is iOWNX’s own Ethereum multi purpose wallet, where you can maintain your platform tokens along with Ethers, and pledging iOWN Tokens in the soon to be available campaigns, managing your portfolio, viewing platform Blockchain transactions and so much more in the palm of your hand.

Download iOWNX and receive iOWN Token’s public sale and bounty tokens, simple and easy!

Easy to navigate and straight to the point Crypto wallet
Faisal Shalash