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About BDays - Birthday Reminder

BDays will help you remember all your loved ones' birthdays. It is easy to send them Cards and Wishes through Facebook and other social media, by using the templates saved within the app.

🎉 All features are free
All BDays features are free for everyone. You don't need to purchase a premium account for features like Backup and Restore or importing from Contacts.

🎂 Easily add birthdays
Save birthdays within the app easily. Add them manually or import from the device's Contacts or even from CSV files.
     - You can skip specifying the birth year for a birthday if you don't know it. If you only know the age, the app will compute the birth year for you and vice-versa.
     - You can specify a color tag for each birthday to categorize them more easily. For example, use green for Family, blue for Friends and so on.

🔔 Receive reminders
Get notified on your loved ones' special days. You can customize when to receive the reminders.

💌 Send Cards and Wishes
You can send birthday Cards and Wishes straight from the app, through Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media. You can save Cards and Wishes within the app and easily send them to multiple people.

🎈 See upcoming birthdays
See upcoming birthdays in the next few days or in the current week or month.

🎁 Save gift ideas
You can save gift ideas for your loved ones.

📅 Birthday Calendar
See all birthdays in the Birthday Calendar.

📂 Your data is saved locally
Your data is securely saved on your own device. This means having no Internet connection will not stop you from using the app or from receiving birthday reminders. If you want to switch devices, simply use the Backup and Restore feature.

☁️ Backup and restore
You can backup all your data including birthdays and settings to your device or to your Google Drive account.

Coming soon
◻️ Custom reminders
◻️ Internationalization

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IMPORTANT: Before updating to new version, please EXPORT your recurring events (in case your events are lost).

Exactly what I needed!
Stefan Liviu Pascu
An easy to use and beautiful app! It has cool features like birthday notes, calendar view and import from contacts. The app is also very fast and pretty straightforward. Ads are short and non-intrusive, whic...
Mihai Andrei Lazar
Really great. Exactly what I was looking for
Gabriel Andrei