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About Kids Draw with Shapes

The classic pattern blocks games which we've all loved as kids have morphed into a fun touch screen app. With the “Kids Draw with Shapes” app, children can make creative images using only ten basic shapes, which come in seven different colors.  

There are two modes in this game - children can either choose to design free-style, or using a template. There are 5 templates in each of the following 10 categories:

- Aircraft
- Animals
- Birds
- Dessert
- Food
- Kitchen
- Plants
- Ships
- Transportation
- Underwater

This full version of the game contains all 10 categories of images.

Children can save and view their artwork in the app’s Gallery.

It is the best ever
Lucy Payne
My kids at work love playing this game!
Phillip Skelton
My granddaughter is nearly 6, has asd and SPD and loves it :)
Lisa Pearce