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About I SPEAK: Korean Speaking-intensive Language Course

Learn Korean by speaking Korean!

"I SPEAK" is a breakthrough Korean Speaking-intensive language Course that has been developed to ensure the user will develop solid korean speaking skills within a record short time - 2-4 months! The integrated conversation trainer "DIALOGO" will take your korean onversation to the next level before you know. Best works for the TOPIK 1-2 level learners.

How do we achieve these ground-breaking results? 4 Key factors:
1. Every lesson consists of a specific exercise routine that is designed to let the student MASTER the grammar and vocab to achieve fluency level.
2. The course has a Spaced Repetition algorithm built in, which allows the student to move the mastered material from short- to long-term memory.
3. The course focuses only on the most frequently used 400 words and 40 grammar forms that make up 50% of conversational Korean language, which minimizes teh amount of time and efforts needed to start speaking.
4. All the material is organized into 20 dialogue-lessons that cover all the key topics relevant to a K-wave fan and tourists. Dialogues make learning a lot more engaing, fun and efficient as opposed to random sets of phrases and flash-cards.

By the end of the course you will reach a comfortable fluency level on all key topics relevant to day-to-day activities and cnversations. You will be able to travel to S. Korea and communicate with the locals confidently.

Will this course suit you?

This course fits best the Elementary-Intermediate level students (A1, A2 and even B1 level), who have been experiencing speaking blocks and have difficulties using the learned grammar and vocabulary. In this case, it will take the user about 2-4 month to finish the course if practicing daily - 1-2 exercises per day (10-20 minutes).

If your objective is to focus on academic Korean, such as in-deapth grammar or broad academic vocabulary, we recommend to use other learning programs and tools. This course's focus is - day-to-day conversation.

What will you learn? Is it enough to go around?

The course focuses on the basis of Korean language - the most frequently used grammar structures and vocabulary used by common Koreans every day (readjusted to fit the interests of K-Wave fans traveling in/to S.Korea).

The material has been organized into 20 exciting dialogues to make the learning as lively and meaninful as possible! After the course the user will be able to confidently travel to S.Korea and be able to interact with local Koreans on day-to-day topics. Install to check out the lesson previews!

What's the reason the learning is so effective?

The Parrot Method, also knows as the Looped Repetition or Spaced Repetition method - is the most effective method known today to achieve linguistic fluency. The repetition algorythm is built into every excercise inside Dialogo and will gradually move users from PASSIVE level of knowledge to more and more ACTIVE - until the user achieves fluency level within a given topic. Install to check out the free trial lessons and see the effectiveness for yourself.

What is the cost of such a language course?

We can confidently claim that the effectiveness of the course is comparable to studying with a private tutor. Yet, the price is

1 month Subscription to Dialogo = 1 hour learning with a private tutor*.

(*USA averate language tutoring rates )

On top, the developers are so confident about the result of the course, they offer Money Back Guarantee : every user unhappy with the progress at the end of the course will be fully refunded upon filing a request from inside the mobile app.

Try out the first "must know" level for free to see for yourself how effective a mobile language learning course can be!

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Batool Dawdea
Very nice app! And aimed to help you learning!
Daniela Andreozzi
I love it
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