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About eCharge+

Find the closest available charging station for your electric vehicle with the eCharge+ App. Use a big,
continuously expanding network of public charging stations. Start quick and easy charging with your
preferred payment methods, such as PayPal, credit card, your personal electricity contract or a voucher.

The eCharge+ App collects your public and personal charging activities and allows you easy access to a
simple, thorough analysis of your charging data, combined with a personal wall box (eBox smart, eBox
touch or eBox professional).

The eCharge+ App is free and there is no registration required for public charging stations.

Download the eCharge+ app now!


• Find charging stations in your area or close to a specific address.
• Filter your overview map according to your relevant charging station.
• Check availability of charging points in real time.
• Add your payment method once and start charging even faster in the future.
• Pay via PayPal, credit card, your electricity contract or a voucher directly via your eCharge App.
• Monitor your active charging session and track your charging progress.
• Save your regularly used charging stations as favorites.
• Check your past charging sessions and costs at any time
• Find out more about your contribution to the environment by using an electric vehicle.
• Report a problem with your charging station directly via the eCharge+ App or use the respective charging station hotline.


• Connect your electric vehicle with a suitable charging cable with the charging station.
• Select the required charging point in the app. Enter your charging point number into the search box.
• Select “Prepare charging”, choose your desired payment method and charging options and start charging.
• As soon as the charging session has been approved, both cable ends will be locked. The cables can only be removed by you.
• You can stop your charging session at any time.


As an owner or co-user of a private wall box (eBox smart, eBox touch or eBox professional) you can
connect it with the eCharge+ App. Configure and manage your wall box online from your couch. Benefit
from a regular development of smart features that automate your eBox controlling and adapt more to
your personal needs.

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App is good but can have an easier interface. Male sure your phone is not on Power save mode. Mine does not work when my phone is on battery save. I have a samsung galaxy s8 plus. Any feedback on this is app...
David Grillo
Easy to use app... User friendly
raaass siii
Nice App 👍
Shreyas Gulhane
Very well designed and good looking app. Works every time I use it. Features keep coming in. Great!
Janko Host
Good app but could be better keep it up!
Reduan Tonmoy
This app has become the app I use most for charging in Germany. It very reliably activates very reliable stations. That said, it is a bit buggy. it often hangs or reports lack of network, but luckily that us...
Tony Godshall