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About Innit -10K+ Shoppable Guided Recipes

Make everyday cooking less complicated, stressful, and time-consuming.

★ Simple: Plan, shop, prepare, and cook delicious meals right from your phone.

★ Personalize: Get delicious personalized meal recommendations based on diet, allergies, and dislikes for you and your family.

★ Confidence: Follow your inspiration, orchestrate delicious meals with ease with Innit’s guided how-to videos and real-time cooking guidance that update with every customization you make.

★ Connect: Make your appliances work harder and your kitchen smarter. Innit coordinates even the most complicated meals seamlessly, helping you take full advantage of the appliances you own and automatically controlling ones that are smart.

★ Shop: Turn your meal plan into groceries delivered right to your doorstep.

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★ Washington Post

“First, you input some basic information — whether you’re allergic to shellfish or on the Paleo Diet. Then you pick a style of dish, like pasta or a grain bowl, select from an array of ingredients, and Innit will configure a recipe … — a few swipes will transform a chicken taco to a beet-pineapple salsa lettuce wrap…”

★ Tasting Table

“Think of the visually stunning app as a culinary GPS that first starts with pointing you in the right direction—in this case, helping you plan what to make for dinner when opening the fridge for the umpteenth time hasn't worked.”

★ The Kitchn

“The technology integrates all the disjointed aspects of cooking — shopping, meal selection, preparation, and cooking — in order to simplify and relieve the stress of getting a meal on the table night after night.

★ Digital Trends

"With thousands of videos, Innit users can select each aspect of the meal, and the algorithm will arrange them into a unique video with all the steps in appropriate order"

★ Forbes

"Few people actually use recipes Monday through Friday. Recipes were not designed for use by people who are busy—real people who cook everyday but have to balance a million other things." Innit is designed for real people for Mon-Fri cooking.

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Cooking times and ingredients changes everything
Marcus Mayo
Awesome app
sara clark
The option to have you oven cook this per the instructions and adjustments are made on the fly. Simply Awesome 👍
J Grimey
Wondering app, lots of options. Hoping for more dishes in the future!
I am following Keto diet , this app has so many great choices and videos to cook , Thank you Innit
chaitanya dasari
cooking with this app is simple and easy the only down side to it Is the lack of sound
frank yoboue