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About Cololight

This App works with the device - Cololight to show color changes full of variety, bringing your life with magnificent colors. The main functions are described below:
1. Add and pair Cololight
2. Edit the shape of Cololight through Joint & Split
3. Adjust light color with Selected Color and Customized Color
4. Adjust Dynamic Effect to show color changing
5. Adjust light brightness

I hadn't been able to connect it to WiFi for months since I got it. So was basically using as a lamp But they must have upgraded the ap as now it has connected i can get the whole experience with all the dif...
Alice Watson
Kristian Travers
Hello I have a question how do I connect them to my Google home
Not Clan
the best
ryle fontanoza
light sync is very accurate and fast
pihal gwbda
You can even customize the colors, love that
aphasia stylosporous