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About Ledger Book to Manage Credit , Expense & Income

Free and the best ledger account book cum bookkeeping app, which helps to manage your customer's Credit and Debit entries with many advantages, compared to traditional ways of maintaining physical book/papers.

Why use this app ??

It will become very convenient to managing entries of your customers, track each entry made, get reminders forgiven due date, get a complete summary of all the customer's entries (debit and credit transactions) at one place with a balance sheet and become fearless of forgetting or losing information.

Try it, Believe it!!

Awesome Features :

Very Safe: We have Added Features Like PIN lock so that, apart from you no other can access your customers and their entries.

Secure 100%: We Understand your Data is very important, we have a couple of option for backup. Cloud Backup, Export As Excel sheet and more.

Flexible Entries: Our App is Flexible in adding, canceling and deleting a credit or debit entry.

Simplicity: Our App is very Simple to use and does not require any training.

Expense & Income: Gives you a complete summary of your Expenses and Income amounts in one screen.

Reminders: If there is a due date given on a particular entry, the app will send you notifications automatically as a reminder.

Offline: Works even if there is no internet connection available.

Dashboard: Gives you a complete summary of your advances and due amounts in one screen.

This app is a simplified version of standard account/maintenance software which acts as debit credit accounting ledger book, just add customers and then you can start adding the credit and debit amount which they or you have taken and see the entries.

How to Use ??

Step 1: Sign IN by entering your Mobile Number ( as username ) and Enter OTP.

Step 2: Create Business Account by giving name and address.

Step 3: Add Customers By Clicking on Add Customer button, then give a name or other details.

Step 4: Click on any Customer then and there are two Buttons 'Give Credit' and 'Accept Payment', Whichever is your requirement click on anyone and enter the amount.

Step 5: you can add a note or due date and finally click the button.

Step 6: Entry Added!!

Step 7: If you wish to cancel and then delete, you can see a list of transactions entries, click any transaction entry and see a cancel button, click on it confirm it to cancel.

Step 8: add a PIN to make it more secure.

Who all can use?

> Any Small Shopkeeper / Owner
> Small Business looking for accounting software or apps.
> Medium Business looking to manage credit debit accounts online.
> General Shop, Grocery Store or any business who give goods in credit to their customers.
> Juice shop, Bakery, Pharmacy / Medical etc.
> For Personal Use.

Send Feedback: We are always looking for ways to improve the app, Please send us your feedback or feature request from the app its self or email us to [email protected]

Also please check out t&c and privacy policy.

Happy Accounting!!

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Harun Miaji
Very High price, i am only using personal
Aboo backer
Just fool ,, using so hard cant inderstand
Gm Sayed