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About Page365

An Application for online stores in social network that will ease the store management that provide the convenience for seller to communicate with the potential or existing customers, receiving orders or in other words assisting online seller since the beginning until the end of the sales process. Beyond that, this application will also create sales statistic report, thus seller would be able to evaluate their sales performance and plan their future sales strategy.
These are the features and benefits of the application:
- Integrating messages from Facebook and LINE in 1 place.
- Instantly creating free online store to broaden the online sales channel.
- Managing the orders from customers with ease in 1 page with the use of "Online Bill", regardless the size of customer.
- Automatic Invoice that will be sent to the customer according to the buying keyword included any sentence written by potential customers which includes the word; 'want', 'order', 'buy', and etc.
- The system in conversation page would recommend sentence that user often writes, thus user won't have to write the same sentence over and over again.
- Automatic response to automatically inform the customer about the opening and closing time of the store.
- Both seller and buyer would be able to check the status of product shipping at all time.
- Providing ease in remembering and managing customer through classification with tag feature
- Automatically save the customer data such as name, address, and phone number from the conversation page
- summarized and reporting the sales statistic including best selling products.

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