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About Joe & Charlie - AA Big Book

Includes Joe & Charlie's Big Book Study: 17 free tracks of 34. In-App billing allows upgrading to full version.

Audiotapes included are:

* Joe * Charlie AA Big Book Study With transcripts (34 tracks)
* The AA Big Book from Alcoholics Anonymous Text Book
* Chuck C - A New Pair of Glasses
* AA Speaker Tapes - Bill W
* Varieties of Religious Experience - William James (Ref AA Big Book)
* AA Speaker Mark H.
* AA Speaker Sandy B. - Saturday Morning Live
* AA Speaker - Bill W.
* AA Speaker Clarence S
* Father John Doe
* Father Martin

Also includes the following free resources

* The Big Book 164 Pages
* AA Preamble
* Singleness of Purpose
* How It Works
* The Traditions
* The Promises
* Just For Today
* Serenity Prayer
* A Vision For You
* On Awakening
* Upon Retiring
* And lots more to keep you sober...

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About This App: Joe & Charlie were both members of alcoholics anonymous who had sobered up for over 20 years before these tracks were recorded sometime during 1988 in Laughlin, Nevada.

I had the cassettes before then CDs this is more complete and always with me.
Larry Fulton
Debra McDonald-Amini
Enjoyable to listen to
334 wer