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About Yacht Timer - Simple and Smart Sailing Timer

Sailing start timer.

- big numbers, easy to see
- speaks time
- easy controls
- can hook to GPS seconds, as many race officers do now
- shows distance to start line, need to enable it in options
- shows speed in knots
- shows time to start line
- shows how much time to kill, not to be over the line. Red means slow down.
- color coded distance, blue->more than 3 boat lengths, green 1-3 bl, yellow 0-1bl, red OCS
- lock screen to get bigger digits and prevent accidentally pressing
- can switch landscape and portrait orientation
- can log google earth kml files to check your start later
- special mode for race officers and coaches. says 5 seconds before each full minute


Timer Buttons

NOTE: Timer Buttons are activated when lifting your finger from the button, so when the button is released.

Adds a minute or a second to the timer starting value. Only shows up when timer is stopped.

Clears the timer to 0:00

Rounds the timer to higher or lower minute. Used to synchronize accurately if you missed the timing of the earlier signal. In app settings you can decide if it rounds to nearest minute no matter which SYNC button pressed

Starts or stops the timer

Sets right end of starting line.(usually race committee side)

Sets left end of starting line.(usually pin side)

Setting up the starting line

App can show distance and time to start line. Setting the start line is simple. Just press RC button when at the right side end of line. Press Pin button when at left side end of line. Distance will be shown if turned on in app settings

Line can be set by entering coordinates manually. You can find it in the app settings.

If showing distance to line, you get new fields on the screen.

DST - distance to starting line in meters

TTL - time to line in seconds with current speed

TTK - time to kill to reach the line on time. Red when you are too fast. Green if you are too slow

SPD - Your speed in knots

ACC - GPS accuracy in meters

Timer will change the background color depending on your distance to start line. More than 3 boat lengths it would be cyan. 3-1 boat length green. Less than 1 boat length yellow. If over the line, it is red

Landscape mode - switch between landscape and portrait orientation

Repeat timer - timer starts over when reaching zero

Round seconds higher - Start is exactly when seconds reach zero. Otherwise you need to wait for zero second to expire

Auto Lock - locks buttons as soon as you start the timer. Preventing accidental button presses

Sync to GPS - syncs seconds to GPS time. Some Race Committees are using GPS time

Sync Button rounds to closest minute - having SYNC button rounding to closest minute. Otherwise there are two buttons, SYNC+ and Sync-

Text Size percentage - make numbers bigger or smaller

Start Line
Show distance to start line - turns on start line distance calculation

Speed to line averaging - amount of seconds to calculate your speed. Used to show time to line

Boat length in meters - used to set the color change depending on boat lengths to line distance

Log Starts - logs your track for viewing in Google Earth

Use Manual Start Line Values - under it you can set coordinates for your start line

RC mode - speaks last 5 seconds before each minute. For giving starting signals

I loved this as race officer at our little club. I'm being very picky, but due to the lag with a blue tooth speaker you don't hear the shorter numbers... It need s a little sound before the speech to wake u...
A Google user
Great app, only suggestion is to change colour combination with more contrast.
Chris Raynes
The voice countdown is a great feature.
Steve Austin