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About Avalonia Online MMORPG

Become a legend in this new free online RPG!
Avalonia Online lets you directly participate in game actions without needing to play boring tutorials or learn instructions. Just login, grab your sword and fight with other players to become a medieval hero and build a new kingdom!

Avalonia Online lets you build houses, add furniture and invite your friends to chat. You can explore the land, reap apples, fight monsters, meet other players, chat and have a good time in this classic pixel adventure!

- Create a clan and conquer castles and pirate ships!
- Legend of Avalon: Bring Excalibur to Camelot to make your clan #1
- Take over the pirate ship to become the Pirate Captain!
- Spar other players with sword or bow and arrow!
- Defeat ogres and skeleton pirates on your quest to gain coins, bombs and arrows!
- Upload your own graphics to customize your character!

Hope to see you soon in the game!

Nice game
Karma is a Dream
We need new updates and shops
Nobodi Vacing