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About Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer allows you to track the start and stop of your contractions and automatically calculates their duration and frequency.

Feature list:
- Easy starting and stopping of contraction timer with visual indicator
- Live duration timer during a contraction
- Notification while timing contractions, providing start/stop and add/edit note actions and many Android Wear optimizations including note voice input
- Add a note via 'OK Google, take a note' voice input
- Automatically saves your information - will continue to time contractions if you open another application with no battery consumption
- Automatically calculates contraction duration and start to start contraction frequency over last hour
- Provides average duration and frequency over a controllable time frame from 30 minutes to all contractions
- Ability to manually add contractions
- Can edit times of existing contractions to hh:mm:ss resolution
- Ability to add notes to individual contractions via long click menu
- Ability to delete individual contractions via long click menu, recalculating frequency as needed
- Includes Contextual Action Bar, allowing multiple contractions to be deleted.
- Easy reset functionality to clear all contractions
- Share average duration/frequency via Twitter, Gmail, Google+ and many other applications (note that the Facebook application does not support sharing anything but links)
- Export and import contractions as CSV using Google Drive
- Option to keep screen on when application is open
- Option to lock screen in portrait orientation
- Contraction Toggle homescreen widget (1x1) to easily start and stop contractions with either a light or dark background
- Contraction Controls homescreen widget (4x1) to allow quick launching of the application, view the last hour's average duration and start to start freqency, and start/stop contractions with either a light or dark background
- Contraction Detail home screen and lock screen widget (4x2+) for Android 3.0+ devices gives all functionality of Contraction Controls widget plus a resizeable view of your latest contractions.
- Supports 'move to SD card' functionality
- Supports all Android 2.3+ devices, including tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich devices
- No Ads, all functionality unlocked without additional purchases

NOTE: Due to a limitation in Android, homescreen widgets cannot be used when the application is moved to the SD card. Please move the application to internal storage if you wish to use the homescreen widgets!

Note: Internet permission is used for Google Analytics collection, which has been made fully anonymous and sends no details about you or your device. Can be disabled completely in Settings.

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Best app. No frills, no ads. Lets you retroactively add contractions!!!
Barnard Vincent
It worked well. No problems. No add pop ups
Angeline Unuane
5/5 and open source! I love it
Eva Koblar
Asked for no weird permissions, is easy to use, accurate, has the ability to export & import data in CSV format, and has a convenient widgit!
Jv H
About to use it for my third child. I'm 35weeks with a 17 month old and a nearly 3yr old in a month and a half! 😁
Zoeie Ray
Great tool! Very helpful and easy to use.
Michele Rosa