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About Bricks Ball: Plants vs Bugs

Bricks Ball: Plants vs Bugs is a free smashing puzzle game about the battles between plants and bugs. Bricks Ball: In this game, the plants villages, fruits and vegetables will face countless hordes of invading insects. Players will accept the challenges from enemies, create strategies to defend the village from bugs, and to restore a destroyed garden. Thousands of invasions are expected in this game.

Game Features:

• Classic Bricks Ball

Take a new look at the legendary Bricks Ball genre! You need to destroy blocks and bricks that are represented in the form of bugs. It is very easy to play this game! Simply just aim and shoot the balls directly at the insects! There are 1,500 levels in total. Each levels is unique in its own way with intricate details. This is indeed a real challenge and an unforgettable experience for all the puzzle lovers! And you will not be left alone in this game as other unique heroes will come to join you in the offline adventures.

• Restoring the destroyed garden

Bricks Ball: Plants vs Bugs has way more to offer than just the classic arcade mode! Collect coins and elixirs in order to restore the flourishing gardens destroyed by the bugs. Your tasks include growing the crops, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, rebuilding infrastructure, and making the plants and buildings look amazing again! You will surely gain new experience by completing all the daily and weekly tasks.

• Puzzles

You can pass all the unique levels, solve difficult puzzles, free kidnapped heroes from hopeless situations for free. Moreover, you can also challenge the endless hordes of bugs, smash the blocks and bricks and win! It takes only one try, one shot, and a ball to save the kidnapped hero! The fate of the entire village depends on your strategies. Nothing could be simpler than that!

• Extensive customization options

If it is not enough for you to simply solve all the puzzles and restore the village after the bug invasion, you can also have the option to build the garden of your dreams! Arrange the plants in the most desired pattern! You can choose various unique environment settings, free up new areas for vegetables, fruits and flowers, expand the borders and gain new experience. In the arcade mode, there are options to choose uniquely designed balls and weapons.

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