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About Highlights Monster Day - Meaningful Preschool Play

Help your preschooler learn about friendship, explore the world around them, and develop compassion, kindness and independence with Highlights Monster Day. From Highlights for Children, the brand parents trust, and Italian creative studio Colto.
Choose your favorite monster friend and care for him during his daily routine: brush his big yellow teeth, feed him bagels, give him a bubble bath and gently put him to sleep. In between, go on all kinds of fun adventures where you and your monster can explore and learn together!

Kids will benefit from:
* Meaningful lessons about the routines of everyday life
* Confidence in making decisions as they care for their monster
* Creativity and curiosity as they explore everyday activities
* Development of fine motor skills
* Emotional growth in compassion and kindness
* Security of an ad-free environment
* CARU COPPA Safe Harbor certification

* 5 Friendly monsters to choose from, with an opportunity to unlock more
* 3 Adorable adventure packs, including:
- FREE! A Day at School – Perform science experiments, play basketball and eat a healthy lunch.
- NEW! Fun on the Farm – Learn about fruit, take care of animals and catch fireflies.
- NEW! Explore the Museum – Uncover dinosaur bones, create artistic masterpieces and stargaze in the planetarium.
* All adventure packs include activities from morning and evening routines, plus 4+ additional daytime activities!
* Photo feature in every scene

Highlights Monster Day is the ideal first app for kids 3+, and easy for kids to play on their own.

This game is based on the positive values of kindness, compassion and friendship, and inspires kids to think about others. In the game, the player makes friends with a monster and cares for him during his daily routine and other fun adventures.

The game portrays monsters in the context of a child's everyday routine, so lessons such as regularly brushing teeth, going to school and taking field trips are relevant.

In the game, children tap, swipe, complete circle rotations, drag and drop, and pump levers. Some activities require quick reflexes on these actions. These activities and finger motions are a great way for preschoolers to practice fine motor skills.

Young children can have fun discovering 24 different scenes in the daily life of 5 different monsters, including ringing an alarm clock in the morning, eating exotic fruit for breakfast, investigating semi-precious stones in geology at school, making apple pie together at the farm and building a rocket at the museum.

Highlights for Children
For over 70 years, Highlights for Children has been helping kids become their best selves through Fun with a Purpose™ magazines, puzzle clubs, games, books, toys and digital products.

Founded by Dr. Garry and Caroline Myers in 1946, Highlights was built on the belief that “Children Are the World’s Most Important People™”. Today, every Highlights product is designed to help children become Curious, Creative, Caring and Confident.™

Colto is creating imaginative and educational mobile play experiences for kids around the world based on original and branded properties. Our team, made up of a Mum/Teacher and talented game designers and developers, strives to develop high quality educational Apps that kids love and parents trust. Our games are ethical, safe and designed to be non-addictive for kids.

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