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About Civil War: 1861

Civil War: 1861 covers the opening battles of the American Civil War. The game covers both the small and large actions of that momentous year, starting with the battle at 'Big Bethel', on to the comparatively vast engagements at 'Bull Run' and 'Wilson's Creek'.

In 1861 both sides have plenty of volunteer recruits who, though enthusiastic, lack battlefield experience. On the weaponry side much of the equipment still belongs to the Napoleonic Era with a plethora of muzzle loading, smoothbore artillery.

Many of the commanders, who most would identify as the leaders the civil war armies, are still junior officers in the engagements recreated in this game. Command the Union or Confederate forces in these key battles.

Can you change history? Good luck and on to battle!

● 8 Mission Tutorial Campaign
● 3 Mission Opening Shots! Campaign
● 4 Mission Conflaguration! Campaign
● 4 Mission Total Resolve Campaign
● Includes battles based on historic events.
● Play the missions as either Union or Confederate.
● 8 Unique Civil War Units:
- Infantry with Muskets.
- Infantry with Rifled Muskets.
- Artillery.
- Generals.
- Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry.
● Changeable unit formations and tactics.
● Generals can attach to units to increase morale.
● More capable Veteran units and unreliable raw units.
● 3 difficulty settings.

● Detailed Combat Analysis. 

● Flank Attacks

● Map Zoom

● Strategic Movement. 

● Hours of Gameplay!

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Dixie will live : )
Andrew Jenkins
I love this the sound effects are so cool
Ignited What
This is pretty cool game . You really want to talk
noah brimeyer
Jonathan Meyers
A must have for Civil War buffs! Just 1 question. Playing as the Union on Campaign 1 Opening Shots Mission 1 Boonville, I just cannot move into the Victory Hex even after it is empty so I always lose. Is t...
Andrew Chai
This version really reminds me of the old Civil War Generals 2 from Sierra back in 1996