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About Herobreeder: Dog breeding app

Meet the only app you’ll need for your dog breeding business.
Here you can set up reminders, plan & map reproduction cycles, and keep track of your dogs from the day they were born, to the day they meet their new family.
No matter if you are a dog breeding beginner, or a breeder with generational experience, HeroBreeder is here to help you keep track of your dog medical information, lets you present your dogs to potential owners more easily, build your brand within dog breeding community, and find out useful tips regarding breeding certain dog breeds.
HeroBreeder offers three main features to help offload your daily workload more easily:
Here you can stay on top of all of the important data regarding your dog's progress. Consider it as your personal calendar in which you can set up reminders, and track every important event in your dog’s life.

Dog profiles
Think of it as your dog’s ID. One place where you can store all crucial information about each dog. This allows you to closely monitor their basic characteristics and any fluctuation in weight and height, but also helps you optimize the registration process.

If there’s an ID, why not have a medical file, right? Just what we were thinking when we developed this feature which allows you to track, plan and note all check-ups, therapies, and other medical activity.

Consider it your dog's digital calendar containing every event you insert. The app will categorise and systematise all of them, and remind you when there’s a task coming up so you don’t miss out on any of the vaccine shots or check-ups.

Here you can focus on your passion and leave the organizational part to us. Each activity you insert will be shown as events in your calendar. This way you will be able to track your dog's heating and mating cycles, and progress of all the puppies in your litter, from the day they were born until the day you send them to their new home.

By using the data you inserted, HeroBreeder will be able to create more accurate predictions regarding the coming reproduction cycle of each dog, which will help you better plan your litters.

Lets you keep track of mating cycles, when new puppies are due, the statistics of male and female offspring’s and general mating success rate.

Everything you need to keep track of your dog’s progress, from day one. One of the main features of HeroBreeder which allows you to not only store medical, health and other developmental data, but also lets you keep track of the weight progress of your puppies. This way you can more accurately determine the amount of food, or dose of therapy the dog is advised to receive.

We are here to help you eliminate the stressing part from your passion for dog breeding, and focus on your four-legged friends. We will enable you with tools to more carefully test and select potential new homes for your puppies, share your passion for a certain breed, and connect with like-minded individuals who understand that dog breeding is not a business, but rather a vocation and a passion.

Present your pups
Create an album and share it on social media or with other breeders and potential new dog owners. You can use this feature for a single dog, a puppy and a whole litter. This will make it easier for you to present your pups and find them a new home.

Tell your story
This is your space, a place where you can share with everyone what drives you, why you are so passionate about breeding, or your expertise regarding a certain breed. Whether it’s a decades-long family tradition, or you’re just on your second litter, use this space to share your story and help underline the importance of responsible dog breeding.

Earn on the side
There is always some investment involved, and this feature allows you to organise, plan and keep track of your finances, whether it’s investment, or income.

Download the app and become a HeroBreeder NOW!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Herobreeder?

Herobreeder is a dog breeding app that helps breeders set up reminders, plan and map reproduction cycles, and keep track of their dogs' medical information and other important data.

What features does Herobreeder offer?

Herobreeder offers three main features: plan and track activities, track dog profiles and medicals, and manage events and reproduction cycles.

How can Herobreeder help breeders keep track of their dogs' progress?

Herobreeder allows breeders to set up reminders, track important events in their dogs' lives, monitor their dogs' basic characteristics and any fluctuations in weight and height, and keep a record of check-ups and therapies.

How does Herobreeder help with dog reproduction?

Herobreeder helps breeders track their dogs' heating and mating cycles, predict reproduction cycles more accurately, and monitor the progress of puppies from birth to when they are sent to their new home.

How does Herobreeder help breeders build their brand?

Herobreeder enables breeders to present their puppies through photo albums, share their passion and expertise on social media, and connect with other breeders and potential dog owners.

Can breeders earn money using Herobreeder?

Yes, Herobreeder provides features to help breeders organize, plan, and keep track of their finances, including investments and income.

Where can I download Herobreeder?

You can download Herobreeder app and become a HeroBreeder by visiting the app store or Google Play Store.