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About PuppyFat - Dog Breeding Software

Designed by dog breeders, for dog breeders. PuppyFat is the easy way to track your breeding dogs and litters, with complete whelping records and full litter recording functions including beautiful weight charts, feeding and treatment logs and more.

Try it free for a month. Then subscribe for as little as $1.92 per week (billed annually).

Simplify your breeding dog paperwork:

* Name
* Registrations
* Heats
* Matings
* Weights
* Feeds
* Medical treatments
* Behavioural or medical notes and observations
* Pre-whelp temperatures

Organise your litters:

* Gestation countdown
* Detailed whelping records
* Full litter records and charts
* Log owner details for easy waiting lists
* Log and compare puppy birth weights
* Easy conversions between kg, g, lb & oz.
* Record daily weights of puppies
* Produce stunning litter weight charts
* Log every feed
* Log every treatment, vaccination or worming
* Log daily notes on the health of your dogs and puppies.

Unlike hand-written breeding records, PuppyFat records are always at your fingertips, wherever you go. The built-in growth chart function makes it easy to track every dog and puppy's progress. By keeping all your records on PuppyFat, you can easily share your puppy data and growth charts with customers, fertility clinics and canine vets.

There's no other app that's this dedicated to dog breeders. Sign up for a PuppyFat account to get:

* Cloud backup
* Sync data across multiple devices (such as iPhone & iPad)
* Unlimited breeding dogs
* Unlimited litters
* Unlimited litters
* Unlimited puppies
* Unlimited heats and mating records
* Unlimited temperature records
* Unlimited weights and feeding records
* Unlimited vaccination, flea and worming records

See, for full feature list.

Our vision is to create the world’s best record-keeping system for dog breeders. ALL funds raised by sales of PuppyFat will be reinvested back into the app development, ensuring that each version gets more advanced.


"Awesome App!! Any breeders dream come true for easy on hand record keeping" - Tracy Mason, Mason Farms Labradors

"Just purchased. It’s amazing" - Daren Auger, White Dove Poodles

"Wonderful app and so convenient for recording everything so that it’s always at my finger tips. Super responsive production team as well. Can’t recommend this app enough! I’ll never go back to pen and paper or excel spreadsheets again! Thank you Puppy Fat!!" - Lizbeth McCargo, Bellator Basenjis


"PuppyFat is ever-evolving. We'll continue to update and improve the app by working directly with its users. If you know how to make PuppyFat even better, just get in touch!" - Mike White (Founder).

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PuppyFat?

PuppyFat is a dog breeding software designed by and for dog breeders. It helps breeders track their breeding dogs and litters with various features such as whelping records, weight charts, feeding and treatment logs, and more.

How much does PuppyFat cost?

PuppyFat offers a free trial for a month. After that, you can subscribe to the software for as little as $1.92 per week, billed annually.

What kind of paperwork can PuppyFat help with?

PuppyFat helps simplify breeding dog paperwork by allowing you to track various information such as names, registrations, heats, matings, weights, feeds, medical treatments, behavioral or medical notes, and pre-whelp temperatures.

How can PuppyFat help organize litters?

PuppyFat offers features to organize litters, including a gestation countdown, detailed whelping records, full litter records and charts, log owner details for waiting lists, puppy birth weight comparison, conversion between different weight units, daily weight records, litter weight charts, daily feed logs, treatment logs, and daily health notes for dogs and puppies.

Can PuppyFat be accessed from multiple devices?

Yes, PuppyFat offers cloud backup and data syncing across multiple devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Are there any limitations on the number of dogs, litters, or puppies that can be recorded on PuppyFat?

PuppyFat allows unlimited breeding dogs, litters, puppies, heats and mating records, temperature records, weights and feeding records, and vaccination, flea, and worming records.

What is the vision behind PuppyFat?

The vision behind PuppyFat is to create the world's best record-keeping system for dog breeders. All funds raised by the sales of PuppyFat are reinvested back into the app's development to continually improve its features.

Is there customer feedback on PuppyFat?

Yes, customers have provided positive feedback on PuppyFat, with one stating it is a dream come true for easy record keeping and another calling it amazing and wonderful.

How can users contribute to improving PuppyFat?

PuppyFat is an ever-evolving software, and users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements. Users can get in touch with the production team to share their ideas on how to make PuppyFat even better.
Must have for all dog breeders
Colina Edwards
This app keeps all the information that I need to have in one place. The developer is very open to suggestions and works hard to give us a great app experience. I've been looking for something to keep a digi...
Dayna Latham
so far so good! it is my understanding that this app is new and a work in progress. so far it's amazing! I've been waiting for something like this! thank you for creating this Mike!
Andree Rudy
looking forward to using this fully for my next litter. will make keeping all the records so much easier
You will find yourself not wanting to use the old ways. If the app does not have what you want just wait a little while it will be coming. I am going on my 3rd litter with this app and could not see it any o...
Alex Tatner