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About Hana's story - nonograms

In the late spring, Hana was walking around the neighborhood.
Hana was passing by a beautiful new cafe and late cherry blossoms were scattered.
Hana stopped for a moment and looked at the cherry blossoms flying
The door of the cafe opened and a man came out.
He was looking at the cherry blossoms falling together.
Hana looked at him.
Then the eyes met and the two exchanged awkward first greetings.

----- special feature ----------------

- Zoom function.
- puzzle save
- Use the touch pad at the same time
- Small map Large map available (both free)
- Hinting offer
- Incorrect checking options available
- Undo / Redo function provided
- Playable with one hand mode function
- Google Cloud save

This Puzzle are also known by many other names, including Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Pic-a-Pix,Nonograms , Pixel Puzzle

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I give it five stars for its background music. I didn't have problems playing the app.
Jhonna Cap
Love it
gretchen kurt
Best monogram app I've seen!
Lyndsey Longman