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About Cubic Timer

Cubic Timer is a speed cube timer application forked from Twisty Timer by Ari Neto.
This application supports an external smart timer via Bluetooth and stack timer via an RS232C-USB cable.

# Measure solves
You can easily measure your solves by tapping the timer view. You can see the statistics including Best/Ao5/12/50/100.
You can select a puzzle type from the following:
- 2x2x2 / 3x3x3 / 4x4x4 / 5x5x5 / 6x6x6 / 7x7x7 Cube
- Skewb / Megaminx / Pyraminx / Square-1 / Clock
- 3x3x3 / 4x4x4 / 5x5x5 Blindfolded
- 3x3x3 Fewest Moves
And you can add puzzle categories for example One-Handed.
The scramble for each puzzle is generated by TNoodle open-source library that is used in official competitions. But YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS APPLICATION TO MAKE SCRAMBLES FOR ANY OFFICIAL COMPETITION.

# Solve list
You can see your past solves on the list view. You can share your solve via other applications.

# Graph and statistics
You can confirm your improvement by the graph and statistics.

# Export / Import
You can export / import solves to / from the files and Google Drive.

# Smart Timer support
You can connect smart timer via Bluetooth.

Supported timer is the following:
- GAN Smart Timer
- GAN Halo Timer

# Stack Timer support
Prepare RS232C to USB convert cable (IMPORTANT!! IT IS NOT AUDIO to USB CABLE used by csTimer). We recommend RS232 3.5mm Audio Jack Serial Adapter Cable used for the Intel Galileo Gen1 board. But the operation is not guaranteed.
The output voltage level of G4 stack timer is lower than the specification of RS232C. Therefore, sometimes there are compatibility problems.

Supported timer is the following:
- Speed Stacks Pro Timer G5
- Speed Stacks Pro Timer G4
- Speed Stacks Pro Timer G3 (not confirmed, maybe)
- YuXin Timer V2
- GAN Halo Timer
- QiYi Smart Timer (only via RS232C-USB cable)

# Source code
This project is an open-source project. You can get the source code from github.

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I love the New update, finally I Can use a stacktimer PROPERLY on my smartphone ❤️❤️❤️ Continue to flood us with great updates ! Would you consider adding multiblind to thé timer ? Might be hard to setup, bu...
Maxime D.
A better version of twisty timer nice!
John Matthew Panis
I have been looking for the perfect timer to use for over a year. This app is it. Everything you could ask for in a cubing timer app. Try it.
An improvement to Twisty Timer making it the best cube timer. A bunch of WCA events with official scrambles, good-looking UI, and timer compatibility makes this really fun to use! Having more algs like Winte...
Yagi Kuma
Best app for cubing
Ian Negron Reyes