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About The AllStar: The Inside Scoop for Sports


These days, there are more previews, recaps, analysis, podcasts and betting predictions than you can shake a stick at. It’s too much. Who should you listen to? Whose views really matter on the latest UFC fight card or the NBA finals schedule?

Presenting The AllStar: We provide sports fans with expert commentary from the most authoritative and respected individuals in the sports world. These are athletes (current and former), officials, journalists - people who have followed their sports passionately for years and know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels because they’ve been there. They’ve been blindingly accurate with their UFC predictions, or circled warily around a UFC octagon themselves, been featured on the NBA highlights or sprinted the sidelines of Wembley.

And they are available to you on The AllStar, the unique platform powered by actionable expert insights that give you the edge for your fantasy picks or sports bets, and will make you the smartest guy in the bar on game day.

All this incredible content is neatly packaged in an intuitive, fully interactive sports app that allows you to stay informed in real time about your favourite sports, players and teams. UFC fight times? Absolutely. NBA team stats? Of course.

And it's all FREE, with no advertising.


* Exclusive content: Expert analysis provided by the biggest names in sports. * Live commentary on select events.
* Proprietary news algorithm: A curated feed of the most credible and relevant news sources available such as the Associated Press and other respected providers. Personalise the feed for your own needs. Get instant previews and recaps.
* Full competition schedule: Day-to-day snapshots of who’s playing, with current match scores and odds updated in real time. One place to find out who won the UFC fight last night, plus the latest results for the NBA, EPL and more.
* Player bios, with season statistics: Say knowledgeable things like “Gee Jimmy Butler is definitely not playing tonight like someone who averages 21.5 points per game.”
* In-game tools: Keep track of what’s happening in real time with live game trackers and box scores. Who’s hot tonight? Who’s not so right? Find out in no time.

The AllStar offers the complete platform for arm-chair coaches, fantasy competition jockeys and professional sports bettors alike. The expert insights and tools we provide mean you’ll never again have to spend valuable time sifting through the flood of sports noise to find the actual, actionable information that you need.


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Daniel Vreeland
It is a one stop shop. I feel well informed. One of best of the apps out.
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