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About HackenAI

HackenAI - All-in-One Cybersecurity Suit
Use HackenAI as your main cybersecurity app and you'll sleep soundly. Our application is continuously developing and will educate you on cyber protection issues through gamification. Our password manager creates unique passwords for you and stores them securely within an encrypted password vault. 🔐

🔥🚀Download the multifunctional cybersecurity application from industry leader Hacken.

HackenAI is the only cyber protection app you will ever need. It gives you advanced cybersecurity tools with a simple and intuitive interface, digital wallet, DarkNet Monitoring, and unique educational program CyberBootCamp. More features like VPN, 2FA, secure storage, anti-phishing, and other tools will come soon.

HackenAI - Multifunctional Cybersecurity Suit is currently in the 1.0 version. The app is being updated with more tools and features constantly.

Settings are easy as 1-2-3!
You will appreciate our great UI/UX and gamification!

Use Password Manager:

✅Strong and unique password generator
✅Password autofill and easy password management
✅Import/export to/from the external password storage
✅Manage passwords manually and conveniently
✅Get password strength notifications and reports. HackenAI is consistently watching all potential threats and malpractices, and immediately prompts users with timely, detailed information


🔑No phone number required for authentication
🔑Use the local password for quick access to data in an application or on your device
🔑All your data is kept on your devices and is always with you
🔑HackenAI doesn’t have access to raw data
🔑Communication security is empowered by SSL/TLS and AES256

Data is protected with 3 security keys:
User seed phrase – Generated by application and never stored on HackenAI servers
Local password – Set up by the user for each trusted device
User device key – Auto-generated for each device

🚨Receive alerts and instructions when a site you use has been compromised!
🔗Recover your account or add a new device by entering the recovery seed phrase, generated on registration.

Digital wallet
Need a place to store and stake your cryptocurrencies and HAI tokens?
This is it!

✅Easily send, receive and store your digital assets and cryptocurrencies on your device.
✅The HackenAI Digital Wallet is secured with ADVANCED ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY and supports many different blockchains.
✅Store HAI, VET, and VTHO in the HackenAI wallet.

HackenAI is not only a reliable password keeper that protects your personal data. It also educates you throughout your journey. 🎓Don’t forget – our main value is education.

Pass all 6 modules of the CyberBootCamp and learn:

🎓How to master cybersecurity essentials
🎓How to set up your devices, apps and social media accounts properly
🎓How to recognize fishy emails and websites
🎓How to handle cryptocurrency and prevent theft

Each module consists of theory, practice, and a final learning check.
Learn good cybersecurity habits and prove your knowledge to get your HackenAI subscription extended free of charge.

DarkNet Monitoring
This integrated service constantly searches the dark web, where your identity information like logins and passwords can be stolen and traded. Once your information is found, you receive a notification.

📫 Subscription

✅Use the HackenAI App for free!
✅Complete all 6 CyberBootCamp modules successfully and gather our collectibles.
✅In the future, spend rewards on useful features and subscriptions.

Available on iOS and Android, with other platforms coming soon.

**HackenAI - All-in-one Cybersecurity Suit is currently in the 1.0 version. The app is being updated with more tools and features constantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is HackenAI?

HackenAI is an all-in-one cybersecurity suite that offers advanced cybersecurity tools, a password manager, DarkNet monitoring, and an educational program called CyberBootCamp.

What features does HackenAI offer?

HackenAI offers features such as a password manager with a strong and unique password generator, password autofill, and easy password management. It also provides DarkNet monitoring, a digital wallet for storing and staking cryptocurrencies, and an educational program called CyberBootCamp.

What is the current version of HackenAI?

HackenAI is currently in version 1.0, but it is constantly being updated with more tools and features.

How does HackenAI ensure data security?

HackenAI ensures data security through various measures. It doesn't require a phone number for authentication, uses a local password for quick access to data, and keeps all data on user devices. It also empowers communication security through SSL/TLS and AES256 encryption.

What is CyberBootCamp?

CyberBootCamp is an educational program offered by HackenAI. It consists of 6 modules that teach users about cybersecurity essentials, setting up devices and accounts properly, recognizing phishing emails and websites, and handling cryptocurrency to prevent theft. Users can pass all 6 modules to extend their HackenAI subscription for free.

What is DarkNet monitoring?

DarkNet monitoring is an integrated service provided by HackenAI. It constantly searches the dark web for any stolen identity information such as logins and passwords. If any information is found, users receive a notification.

How can I download HackenAI?

HackenAI is available for download on iOS and Android platforms.
It was already very educational app easy to you but with this VPN release it has set standards. Best comments wil get rewarded too 😉
Oman Siddique
Good Service
Sandile Mhlongo
Kids Garden
The app is smooth and handy, highly recommend taking full advantage especially when updates come
Murad Eiland
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tasin islam