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About Colonizer Unlimited

Your mission: colonize the galaxy. Warning: things are gonna get weird...

• All ships UNLOCKED
• All galactic gizmos UNLOCKED
• Orbiting Planets mode
• Changeable game speed
• Updates get you new ships and gizmos unlocked, ready-to-play
• Early access to updates
• No in-app purchases
• No visitor points
• No internet connection
• No ads
• No interruptions

Greetings, space potato! As you know, humanity has been colonizing planets for millenia. Exploiting them for all their worth. Destroying them beyond compare. Then moving on start the process over again. Turns out that wasn't the best idea and now we're all out of viable planets, which means we're going to have to move into the more dangerous corners of the cosmos. That's right, I'm talking about the Dark Zone. A place where chaos rules. A place of floating empanadas and giant lemons. A place where hostile rainbows can make you forget whose side you're on. There’s no telling what you'll run into out there, but maybe you'll be able to use some of it to your advantage. Not to mention rival groups of colonizers trying to stake claim on those wild planets. The fate of human kind rests on your shoulders, cadet. I don't envy you...but I'm darn proud of you.

Game Design Principles

• ULTRA RESPONSIVE: Your finger fits on our buttons perfectly. Always.
• TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Quit / crash / get distracted. Continue quick.
• RANDOM MAP LAB: Build maps. Always different.
• 100% FAIR: Maps are centrally symmetric.
• AD-FREE: We know you don’t want ads.
• OFFLINE: You don’t need internet to play.

Colonizer is a strategy game set in outer space. You will command a diverse fleet of ships and attempt to claim more planets than your rivals, earning stars that allow access to some of the stranger power-ups that the galaxy has to offer (Floating empanada defense system, anyone?).

Fun and challenging. Just downloaded but so far so good.
xXfinaoXx _1
Great game! Also here for free stars
Benjamin Vischansky
Goood game!
Luis Vibranovski