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About Drinkopoly! Drinking Game

We've built you a ridiculously simple and intuitive drinking game for adults that is 100% guaranteed to get you and your posse drunk and ready for the night ahead.

What makes Drinkopoly so cool?

It’s different from other apps because it’s full of mini games you can challenge your friends with while pre-gaming and find out who holds their alcohol the best!

Whether you need to spice up a night in, pre-game for a big night or just hear your friends spill the beans on their s** life, this app is your one-stop shop. Who will survive this awesome drinking game?

7 original modes, 7 drinking games:


Who’s ready to win the craziest of the drinking games? Let the drinking start!


* This drinking game contains in-app purchases for even more madness
* For your health and that of your friends, know your limits
* Feel free to skip any challenges that make you uncomfortable

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Drinkopoly?

Drinkopoly is a drinking game for adults that includes mini games to challenge your friends and get you all ready for a night out.

How is Drinkopoly different from other apps?

Drinkopoly is unique because it is filled with mini games and allows you to test your alcohol endurance and have fun with your friends.

What are the different modes and games in Drinkopoly?

Drinkopoly offers 7 original modes with 7 drinking games, including Lightweight, Guess in 5 Secs!, Dirty, Let's Couplate, Crazy, Hardcore, and Team Time.

Are there any in-app purchases in Drinkopoly?

Yes, there are in-app purchases available in Drinkopoly for even more madness.

What precautions should be taken while playing Drinkopoly?

It is important to know your limits and drink responsibly for your health and the health of your friends. You can always skip any challenges that make you uncomfortable.
Really good game, had a lot of fun with my friends playing this one, I suggest you try it out
Andrej Susnjar
Lee Anderson
Ana Angelov
Recommendation: add more challenges ex: everyone stand on one leg with no support and say the alphabet in reverse , first to fall or mess up drink 5 sips person who is 100% sucessful first give five sips
Shannon Duddin
makayla poland
Fantastic game, gets us drunk and the wife horny! Couldn't ask for more!
Jamie Johnson