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Truth or Dare? Naughty angel or Hot demon? Screenshot 1
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About Truth or Dare? Naughty angel or Hot demon?

A unique Truth or Dare for wild times. Find out everything about your friends or lover: are you amongst angels or demons?

Leave your inhibitions at the gates of hell 😈 Our Truth or Dare game is the best way to get funny, unexpected confessions out. Our infernal dares will make you sweat!

➾ Play Truth or Dare for free!
➾ Learn a naughty thing or two about your friends
➾ Unleash their dark side
➾ Several game packs with hundreds and hundreds of truths and dares with no repeats.

Truth or Dare game 1 ☯ The "True" Angels ☯ The easiest pack, perfect for kicking off the game with some lighter, varied truth questions and dare challenges.

Truth or Dare game 2 ☯ Insane and Demonic ☯ Welcome to the Asylum: extreme challenges for the most possessed! You'll hear screams after every truth question and dare challenge...

Truth or Dare game 3 ☯ Naughty and Demonic ☯ The game will start taking a naughty turn now with some risqué dares! (for adults)

Truth or Dare game 4 ☯ Entrance to Hell's gate ☯ The legend says that nobody returns: direction Hell with filthy truths and hot dares that could have been penned by Lucifer himself!!!

Truth or Dare game 5 ☯ Adam and Eve get busy ☯ Are you more of an angel or devil in the bedroom? Truths and dares made just for spicing things up with your lover.

Whether you want your friends to answer naughty truths or accomplish hot dares, this truth or dare will bring your houseparty to the next level.

In addition to free content, in-app purchases are available in this Truth or Dare game to unlock tons of truths and dares. Nobody should force a player to do a truth or dare they're uncomfortable with.

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Hai this app is the best toooootaly is not a scam to get all de money PS I'm under 16
devil cutie
I like it
Cátia Mendes
Good fun
Chloe Green
Nice app
Rob Allard
Amanda Huften