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About Grammapp: Learn German Grammar – Der Die Das

German grammar is hard. So, how do German babies learn the difference between 'der' and 'die' without ever breaking a sweat? Well, there's one thing they have that we don't: time.

Enter Grammapp. Probably the fastest (and most delightful) way to learn German grammar and build your vocabulary. Set aside the daunting word tables and jargon. Start swiping your way to perfect German grammar, one card at a time.

★ Easily learn der die das

★ Build your vocabulary with translations in 180+ languages

★ Learn fast with the scientifically-proven power of flashcards + muscle memory

★ Understand German cases thanks to unique colour coding (nominative, accusative, genitive, dative)

★ Practice hundreds of words completely free, subscribe for 3x more content

★ 100% free of grammar jargon

★ Absolutely no complicated word tables to study

For grammarians: you'll learn loads of vocabulary, along with the German articles – der, die, das. By simply swiping through flashcards, you'll learn each word's gender – masculine, feminine, neuter – and how to say it with perfect grammar in each of the German cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative.

Nice presentation and learning approach
Andrei Dobra
This is the most usable German adjective declination trainer! Repetition logic makes sense, three-way sweep is brilliqnt, example sentences are good, text to speech helps memorizing... One potential improvem...
Viktor Binzberger
Really the first app that I find filling all the gaps and defects for a beginner who is facing an obstacle to remember or understand the difference between genitive and Akkusativ forms etc. It makes you prac...