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About GoPlay Studio

As they say, one must live in the moment! GoPlay Studio is your livestreaming playground to interact with your audience in real time. This is your event where you perform, engage, and earn!

Imagine, you're the artist who your friends and fans have come to watch. And while you perform, your viewers send you virtual gifts, love-laden emojis and more!

GoPlay Studio is a platform from GoPlay which is a product of Gojek. You see, Gojek is everywhere.

Oh, coming back to GoPlay Studio. The host can broadcast music, trivia, quiz, and cooking shows, besides live shopping. Not enough? There's more to come.

Every artist gets a dashboard where they can see all the statistics that matter- number of likes, virtual gifts, chats, views etc. As a host, you can share this live media with friends as a shoutout.

Talking of shoutout, while you live stream, viewers can send shoutouts, chat in public, and send you virtual gifts - what an awesome way to make money, eh?

In addition, now you can use GoPlay Studio as an livestream app to join We Can Be Winner girlband audition. Wait, an audition? That’s right! GoPlay held a large-scale virtual girlband audition in Indonesia, entitled We Can Be Winner. In collaboration with the creator of the leading girlband in Indonesia, this audition targets more than five thousand local creators to join and share their talents and interests in the fields of music, singing, and dance.

Why GoPlay Studio? There's a bunch of features that you can use as a content creator on GoPlay Studio! You can build a community with your audience, selling while you are live streaming, and even earn income from virtual gifts that your audiences give to you. On GoPlay, your streaming will be done in real-time, where all interactions that occur between you and your viewers can happen very quickly, you can also use and take advantage of all existing interactive features to improve your streaming performance.

Not enough? Here’s MORE advantages and why you should choose GoPlay over any other platform!
• Unlimited Time. Unlike other platforms that live streaming is limited to 4 hours, on GoPlay you have not limited by tima aka very profitable, isn’t it?
• Live streaming videos can be automatically saved on your channel. Users can no longer watch the broadcast when the broadcast has finished. Now, by using the NEW recorded show features on GoPlay, users can watch your previous shows on your personal channel. Of course, this can attract an even LARGER audiences! Such a good deal.
• Live streaming on GoPlay Studio has settings that are able to adapt according to the internet quality of the audiences. If the viewer's internet quality is poor, the video quality will decrease. However, if the internet connection is good, the video displayed will also improve.
• Are you worried that someone will record your show without your permission? No more worries! GoPlay, we have provided the Screen Record Protection feature. No need to worry about your show being recorded without permission.
• GoPlay hears you! GoPlay also provide a Live Tipping feature where if your audience feels happy and loves your show, they can give you tipping, of course, all of this will go straight into your pocket!
• Do you also have a side business and need a boost? You can include your business link in your streaming event with the Live Shopping feature. This way you can increase awareness and traffic for your business by inviting your audience to make a purchase!

So, what are you waiting for? Interest to join? Don’t worry, GoPlay Studio is your go-to video streaming service. Let’s join the audition and let your world know how awesome you are. Good luck!

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Sudah install tp gk bisa log in. Sudah dicoba di hp lain sama juga. Diminta email CS, sudah di email 2hari belum ada jawaban. Nanti kl sudah bisa saya rubah bintangnya.
Mona Fransisca
Aduy Tahir
I downloaded APK from APKfun. But it's very good entertainment app. I'd love GoPlay Studio
Dewey Warren