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About Glamster | The All-In-One Smart Messaging DApp!

Your World Kept Private & Secure

Glamster costs nothing to download and use. This unique DApp connects people directly via a peer to peer network. Data is distributed across the network instead of storing it in a central database. A powerful DApp with private messaging features and a powerful cryptocurrency multi-wallet, all in one place.

Decentralized & Autonomous Technology

The Glamster DApp is cryptographically secured and stored on a public, decentralized blockchain to avoid any central points of failure.

Highly Secure & Encrypted Connections

The Glamster Chat Encryption Protocol does not transmit or receive keys from a central server. The backend of the Glamster DApp is executed in a decentralized environment.

Secure Sign-Up Via OTP

One Time Passwords are an easy and reliable form of 2FA and are used to add a second layer of authentication - the most effective way to protect your account.

Encrypted Instant Messaging

Send text, images, video, and audio securely to your friends, family, and followers secured via advanced end-to-end encryption.

True Privacy

Glamster's advanced privacy features allow you to hide your online status, last online, and other details about you.

Message-Based Payments

Send in-chat payments to your contacts directly from your wallet. Easily invite contacts to the platform, to join in the fun!

P2P Transactions With Built-In Wallet

Built atop the Ethereum blockchain, the Glamster DApp facilitates real-time and cryptographically-secure peer-to-peer transactions. Send or receive GLAM Tokens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Built-In Decentralized Wallet

Control your cryptocurrency assets and privacy with your own built-in decentralized crypto wallet and private keys.

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Step by step more perfect. I like it.
Rose Hartmann
Amazing cryptocurrency wallet with messenger facilities..easy to use
Inas Mahanandia
Great app!
Stefan Stefanov
The app we have waited for is finally here.. great app
nnamdi igwe
Top app the should have everyone,!
Maria Sonia Jonson
Glamster dApp is good to go. User friendly. Activation of six digits code, seed wallet and other processes getting ur wallet ready are good as a new launched app. The communication and transaction aspect of ...