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About Kids Academy: Kids Preschool Learning – All In One

🏡 Kids Academy at Your Home

🔒 100% Kids Safe Learning App

Looking for all in one educational game which will keep them entertained, yet offer them tons of kids preschool learning educational games?

❓ Is your kid in kindergarten or about to go to school?

Well! Here is a mind-blowing kids educational games app for your little tots!

Kids Academy: Kids Preschool Learning – All In One is an all-in-one convenient app intended for little preschoolers. It helps parents to let them learn ABC, basic Maths while playing math games for kids, instruct kids to perceive colors and shapes and to focus, increase sharp thinking skills and generally improve all preschool skills expected in a toddler.


Preschool Education is a tot learning time full of fun as well as learning with loads of learning exercises. This time can be utilized at the most by incorporating kids' preschool games.

Our all in one kid's game for toddlers is filled with handy preschool learning exercises and activities to improve motor skills– all through kinesthetic learning model.


Our goal with this kid learning game all in one was to offer everything your toddlers need as preschoolers. In our apps for preschool kids, you can find tons of effective learning games like learn shapes for toddlers, games for preschool kids with mats, learn shapes, and similar tot learning games that together form a learning academy.

Let them learn ABC in a fun-filled way like never before! Learn to differentiate animals, fruits, birds, vehicles, etc. Play various quizzes to differentiate letters, vegetables, learning including math games for kids for children in a progressively fun manner to lift up preschool children's brain skills and IQ at home.

Your cell phone can turn into the Best Kids Academy & Kindergarten preschool learning all in one project for your children!

🎓 Kids Academy Have Main 4 Categories:

🧒 1: Starter Preschool Kids

💠 Shapes (learn shapes easily!)
📅 Learning Month
🗓️ Kids Learning Day
🦁 Animal
🍎 Fruit
🦆 Birds
🚌 Vehicles
✍️ Kids Learning Education

🧮 2: Math Preschool Kids

🔟 Numbers
⏲️ Learning Counting
💰 Kids Learning Money
➕ Addition
➗ Division
🗳️ Learning Quantity
⏱️ Time & Clock
🔢 Missing Numbers
📊 Comparison

👌 3: Language Preschool Kids

🅰️ ABC Tracing & Phonics Game
🅱️ Preschool Learning Letters
✍️ Learn ABC Alphabets with Tracing
🎲 Preschool Kids Learning Spelling Game
💡 Upper & Lower Alphabet Matching

🎮 4: Game Mode Preschool Kids

🎈 Tap Alphabets & Learn ABC with Fun Game
📏 Connect Dot & Learn 123 Game
🏫 Kids Learn with Educational Games

In short – Our kids learning all in one app includes everything important that a preschool and kindergarten kid must know!

Every toddler is great at some preschool skills and needs to be assisted in others. Likewise, every kid learns at his or her own pace. Our all in one kid's educational games turn your phone into a learning academy for tot learning and allows parents and teachers to focus on preschool skills of a kid that needs to be polished.


★ Intuitive & colorful UI/UX
★ Simple & easy to grab by toddlers
★ Contains number, counting, birds, fruits, animals, shapes & a lot more activities!
★ Engaging sound effects & HD graphics
★ Improves memory training & puzzle-solving skills of your toddlers!
★ Help your children learn ABC & play math games for kids!

Try out amazing kids learning games along with your kids!

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Very educational
Dudley Minott
I love it
Jessie Hernandez
It is a nice skill learning
kumutha saravanan
This app is fun for my baby brother. He likes it.
Jenny Love
It's a so bad app because is not a game like garena Free fire 🔥 Sorry for that it's my brother
Krishna Pathak
Absolutely love this app
uma singh