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About Fancy Dogs - Cute dogs dress up and match 3 puzzle

Dogs have never been this fancy before. Join us on our fun journey of collecting cute puppies and turning them into the fanciest dogs ever seen in this new free cute dogs game in the history.

Play addictive match 3 puzzles to collect cute puppies and costumes. Can you find all dog breeds and costume sets? Dress up your fancy dogs and show them off to your friends and family. Go find out more about the secret life of pups.


- Another fun adventure created by the minds behind Fancy Cats, suitable for any dog lover out there, from boys to girls, from young to old.

- Prepare for the ultimate cuteness, with a huge selection of fancy dogs: 20+ different dog breeds with distinctive personalities. Collect them all: fabulous Chihuahuas, adorable French Bulldogs, gentle Dalmatians, and many more such as the Beagle, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Bull Terrier... We are missing your favorite dog breed? Don’t worry! We plan on adding many more in the future such as the Bichon Frise, Labrador Retriever, Great dane, Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Doberman Pinscher and of course the Pug.

- Watch as your pups play and talk to not only each other but also to you. Wake them up as they are sleeping and feed them with treats. Name each of your new pet with adorable names such as Molly, Bailey, Daisy, Max, Fluffy, and Bella; and start bonding with them as soon as possible.

- Pet your little puppies and see their reaction. Each puppy will have their own reaction.

- What is a pet without a toy? A huge selection of toys for your fancy dogs to play with. Watch your puppies make funny faces as you give them different toys. Have your cute dogs chase a robot squirrel. Or give them a giant donut to eat. Can you guess what happens?

- Raise and take care of the fancy dogs from cute little puppies to full blown grown-ups. Each pup just can't grow up fast enough.

- Spoil the cute dogs with a huge collection of costumes. Let your fancy puppies become firefighter, wizards, police officers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

- 300+ different addicting match 3 puzzles, with a wide variety of difficulty for you to either relax with or challenge yourself. The more challenging, the bigger the prizes. Each match 3 puzzle was designed with different fun mechanics in mind. Each puzzle rewards you with a star, which you can use to open chests containing new prices.

- 9+ dog parks with beautiful backgrounds, which you can even upgrade to make them even fancier.

- Take pictures of your pups and share them on social media to show off how stylish you can make your pups.

- Show off your puppies with other players, and make some new friends along the way. Can you make your pups be the cutest of them all?

- Come back every day for your free reward.

- One of the best girls games / mom games / puppy games free for dog lovers.

- The game is entirely free, containing in-app purchases. Aphmau fans will love this for sure!

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