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About Vectors O-Level GCSE Math

All you need to know about Vectors for O-Level Math:
✸ Vector definition
✸ Column, Position, Inverse vectors
✸ Vector addition and subtraction
✸ Multiplying with scalars
✸ Vector Magnitude
✸ Vector geometry
✸ Vectors with Midpoints
✸ Vectors with Fractions and Ratios
✸ Parallel vectors and Collinear points

★ Study Math on the go; bus, café, beach, street, anywhere!

★ Simplified explanations, plus extra side notes with even more explanation!

★ Over 30 examples per chapter with step by step working.

★ Past paper examination questions at the end of each chapter.

★ Fully worked-out answers to every exercise per chapter (coming soon.. ).

Featured Chapters:

1. Numbers: Integers, Percentages, Ratios, Sets

2. Algebra: Indices, Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Linear programming

3. Geometry: Angles, Constructions, Similarity, Symmetry, Loci

4. Mensuration: Area, Perimeter, Volume

5. Coordinate geometry: Straight line graphs

6. Trigonometry: Bearings, Further trigonometry

7. Vectors, Matrices and Transformations

8. Probability

9. Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Cumulative frequency

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Vectors and ratios are very well worked out in this book app. Enjoyable!
Juliet Namusoke
Good app it works well and makes maths simple😊
KaraboGirlie Mae
I love the various examples!
Side Walker