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About SuperMii - Cartoon Avatar Maker

SuperMii is one of global popular cartoon avatar maker app , which helps users to make comic cartoon avatar right through your mobile phones. SuperMii is special, coz it can help you make your favorite anime cartoon avatar, create hundreds of customized personalized options to match your creative inspiration, let you show your exclusive cute cartoon style on Internet social media image .

Download it for Free ! Start creating your cartoon avatar!

"THE.DEMON" team has designed the powerful "Supermii" App, allowing you to create the most lovely anime cartoon avatar. Using a custom personalized cartoon avatar will make you cute and personalized on social networks.

Unique Cheats

Shake phone: Try the shake function to create random cartoon images and stimulate your creative inspiration.

App Features

1. You can choose male or female avatar to start your cartoon character creation

2. A large number of cute personalized faces, hairstyles and expressions with different details let you create unique cartoon expressions

3. Express various emotions on the face of your avatar with different shapes of eyebrows, eyes and mouth

4. The skin color, hair color and clothing color can be customized to give you a unique appearance and show your imagination and fashion sense

5. Various accessories: masks, hats, glasses, hairpins, clothing, headwear, wings, horns and tails to make your personal style distinctive

6. You can also add custom text in the cartoon avatar editor, let the avatar become the endorsement

7. With Rich custom background, you can customize the background color or even the transparent background color, and help you create cartoon badges, community logos

8. You can save the creation to your mobile phone and update your social network avatar: Facebook、WeChat、Whatapp、Twitter、Instagram、Pinterest、linkedin...

9. You can share the avatar you created via Email, SMS, Bluetooth and social networks

10. Communicate the creation of your cartoon avatar online with nearly 10 million users around the world, and share your creation to get more praise and communication from global cartoon and cartoon lovers

Online Activities

1. Sign-in activities: Different rewards can be gained when you sign in once a day, and the longer the sign-in time, the higher and richer the reward

2. Mysterious treasure chest: You can open the treasure chest free of charge once a day to get the rich prizes in the treasure chest. good luck!

3. Adventure team game: a custom avatar adventure team, after feeding the team members, can bring you free gold coins and mysterious avatar accessories

Contact us


E-mail: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SuperMii?

SuperMii is a popular cartoon avatar maker app that allows users to create personalized comic cartoon avatars on their mobile phones.

What can you do with SuperMii?

With SuperMii, you can create your favorite anime cartoon avatar and customize it with hundreds of personalized options. You can also express various emotions, choose different accessories, and even add custom text to your avatar.

How can I download SuperMii?

You can download SuperMii for free. Simply visit the app store on your mobile phone and search for "SuperMii" to start creating your cartoon avatar.

Can I share my created avatar on social media?

Yes, you can save the creation to your mobile phone and update your social network avatar on platforms like Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Are there any online activities in SuperMii?

Yes, SuperMii offers online activities such as sign-in rewards, a mysterious treasure chest that gives you prizes, and an adventure team game that allows you to earn gold coins and avatar accessories.

How can I contact SuperMii?

You can visit the SuperMii website at or contact them via email at [email protected]. They also have a Facebook page at
It is offline
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I liked it it's a great application
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I love it
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Anime uwu ilove this app
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Great game but it will be cool if you add post.
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Its cute
Timokyle Villamael