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About Block Gambling Websites And Apps - Gamban

Try Gamban for 7 days with our risk-free trial.

Gamban is the single most powerful and cost-effective online gambling blocking app, offering full unlimited protection across all of your devices for only £24.99 per year or £2.49 per month.

Gamban is a user-friendly, transparent and non-intrusive piece of software that can be downloaded on an Android, iOS, Windows and macOS device, blocking users from 1000’s of worldwide online gambling websites and apps.

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About Gamban:
Used by thousands of people worldwide, Gamban has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, with some users informing the team that it has literally saved lives. Taking the first step continues to be the hardest challenge and much of our time goes into making Gamban as simple and straightforward to install as possible.

In 2018 GambleAware commissioned independent research to evaluate the effectiveness of blocking software and to compare existing products. Gamban emerged the most effective and, as a result, Gamban has been provided free of charge through all Gamcare support networks in the UK.

In 2018, Gamban was awarded Software Rising Star Award at the EGR B2B Awards and in 2019, Gamban won RegTech Provider of the Year at The GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards.

Ensuring that industry adheres to effective self-exclusion guidelines and adopts practical player protection methodologies is a large part of what makes Gamban and self-exclusion successful.

Gamban Features:
Block access to thousands of gambling websites
Quick and easy installation
Available across all platforms
Blocks Facebook gambling games
Access to useful Gamban resources
On-Demand live technical support

Easy Installation:
Easy, quick installation and complete protection across all of your devices, whether you are installing Gamban to protect yourself, your employees or a family member from gambling related harm.

Gambling Blocking:
Simply and effectively block yourself from 10,000s of online gambling sites and apps worldwide, including illegal and unregulated gambling organisations.

Helpful Resources:
You'll gain access to your very own user dashboard you can manage your devices and access useful resources to help you on your road to recovery, while you block gambling on your devices.

We also offer full technical support, including an extensive library of useful articles, FAQs and video guides as well as live chat with our experts.

Gamban has been specifically designed to not allow users to uninstall the app while their exclusion period is running. We recommend you test Gamban thoroughly during your free trial, and if you encounter any issues to contact us at [email protected].

We are always continually working to improve Gamban and the services we offer with regular, automatic updates as we understand that you rely on us in your time of need.

If any issue arises and you're in need of support, please don't hesitate to visit our support centre, or contact us at [email protected].


How do I know if Gamban is compatible with my device?
You can use our online compatibility checker -

How many devices can I install Gamban on?
You can install Gamban on an all of your personal devices*.
*Subject to our terms of fair use

What if I have an older version of Android / iOS / Windows / macOS?
We always recommend having the most up-to-date version of an operating system (OS) on your device for maximum compatibility.

Will I be able to remove Gamban from my device if I change my mind?
No, Gamban is designed to protect people who have gambling addictions, meaning they are likely to change their mind after installation. In order to protect our customers from relapse, we do not allow customers to remove gamban from their devices.

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This is awesome I feel like I'm free! Thank you so much gamban.. Only around £2 a month and I was spending an absolute fortune. Happy! So far so good!
Becky Bowley
I am using the trial version of the app on my smartphone as of now. Will definitely consider updating to the full version once it's over. Thank you for helping me tackle my gambling addiction.
Michalopoulos Nick
I have installed it in October 2020 and it took one minute to kick the VPN in. Since then, it has been blocking all the websites.
Harsimran Singh
Let me see
Wilson Andre
Seems fantastic for me so far. It won't let me un install so far which is fantastic. And I've played around with it and no casino sites I Google work. I'd already registered with gamstop but there are sites ...
Joe Burge
Hi ..I am using the trial version of the app on my smartphone. I really like the first experience of it but was able to delete the app after few hours and was able to use the sites. Any feedback will be helpful
Kamalpreet Singh